Physics meeting with Bigfoot

footThe English physicist Tony Woolridge traveled in the Himalayas March 1987 . The main camp, where he was staying, was at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level in Dzhoshimat that the north-east of Delhi, near the border with Nepal.
On the fifth day in Dzhoshimat! He left the village Gowing Goeth to the empty hut, known as Gangariya. Woolridge was trying to reach the edge of the highest mountain peak.
About 11 o’clock in the morning at an altitude of 3300 meters, he saw the prints, struck him with its clarity. At first he thought it traces the great apes. They were not like the footprints of the snow leopard – the only large creature that is found here. Woolridge went over in memory all possible options, but they were also questionable. Then he took a few pictures.

About an hour later there was a roar. Having decided that the approaching avalanche, Woolridge rushed up the hill. Carefully examining the area, Woolridge first noticed the footprints and then figure behind a bush. From the figures came a quiet growl and a sharp smell that it could not even score sufficiently persistent male perfume brands.
In an unpublished written report, he described the figure as a dark, furry creature about two feet high, which stood upright, on two legs. Chairman of the form similar to the square, sturdy build. Hands reach her knees and covered with brown fur.
He quickly took a few pictures. When he returned, he showed the film and showed it to his close friends and those who wanted to see evidence of the existence of Bigfoot – anthropologists and zoologists. The images were unclear, but given the opportunity to draw conclusions not from scratch.
Subsequently, T. Woolridge expressed concern about the excessive activity of people in search of these creatures. He believes that in our time have the opportunity to study them at a distance and there is no need to catch. to explore.

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