On the planet of the era of megakatastrof

PlanetDevastating earthquake in Haiti and the coasts of Japan – is a harbinger of powerful upheavals that would soon befall the continents of our planet, say U.S. researchers.
That was the conclusion seismologists Laboratory U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, Charles Buffet and David Perkins. They studied natural disasters over the past 110 years. “The planet Earth is the era of megakatastrof” – sure Buffet.
According to scientists, powerful aftershocks clustered in time, forming a seismic “clusters”.

At present, presumably, a new period of strong earthquakes that began gave a magnitude 8.4 quake in Peru in 2001. How many more will continue like an earthquake – is unknown.
Recall that an earthquake – it’s tremors and vibrations of the Earth’s surface due to natural causes (mainly by tectonic processes) or artificial processes (explosions, filling reservoirs, the collapse of underground cavities mining). Small bumps can also be caused by the rise of the lava during volcanic eruptions.
Each year on Earth is about one million earthquakes, but most of them are so insignificant that they go unnoticed. Really strong earthquakes that can cause extensive damage, occur on the planet about once every two weeks. Most of them have at the bottom of the oceans, and therefore is not accompanied by disastrous consequences (if an earthquake under the ocean goes without tsunami).
Earthquakes are most known for the devastation so that they can produce. Destruction of buildings caused by fluctuations in soil or giant tidal waves (tsunami) that arise when seismic shifts in the seabed.

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