Neanderthals believed in an afterlife

The Sima de las Palomas (Murcia, southeast Spain) was found buried at least three of the Neanderthals, whose age is estimated at 50 thousand years.
All the deceased are laid in the grave with their hands raised to his head, and it seems no accident. Probably, this position had a certain symbolic significance, suggesting that Neandertals possessed some ideas about the afterlife. In addition, this idea pushes presence alongside the skeletons of tools and food, and traces of fire suggest that the grave was repeatedly visited by children.
Trio is made up of a young woman, and child (or adolescent) and adult (probably male). For their kinship to judge until you can not.

The bodies were littered with stones. Maybe they just died in an accident? Head of the excavation, Michael Walker of the University of Murcia rejects this possibility. According to him, then the body would become prey to hyenas and leopards, common at the time, but the skeletons have come to us in perfect safety.
Also, we give two paws Panthers. Given the lack of the rest of the skeleton, scientists have suggested that Neanderthals died with some (probably magic) to wear them with you – or they were laid in the grave, and this is also possible to see a hint of some kind of cult.
Graves found near the remains of six or seven of the Neanderthals, including the baby and two teenagers. The highest Skeleton – 155 cm

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