Mystical secrets of Moscow

06 Apr

Unique combination of the Damned and the saints, life-giving and disastrous. The famous traveler H1H-century Marquis de Custine Astolph submitted interesting memories of the Moscow Kremlin, as the resting place of ghosts … “Traveling around the Kremlin, listening to the pounding sounds coming from the cave, as it seems to you from the grave, you start to believe in supernatural forces.” The history of the capital is intertwined with the mystical and terrifying events of omens come true and to this day. Moscow’s secret legends, phenomena and unknown phenomena. It’s amazing mystical and mysterious theater in Moscow, where even today the night with narrow corridors flying disembodied mysterious ghost of the great director and a great Actress. The most awesome mansion in Moscow. Black Shadow Masters. Ghosts of the Dark Limousine. The Curse of the “bad Volandovskoy apartment.” Scary black cat Shadow.
Secrets of the Underground pilgrims home Sheremetyeva. Mysteries and Legends of the Moscow diggers. Sorcerer on the Sukharev Tower. Sretensky tradition. Whether the predictions come true magician and sorcerer? What is now at the “accursed and holy” places designated by Bruce? Legends and mysteries of pagan pond. Sacred mysteries of the Ivanovo Monastery. Where there was Moscow’s adage: “The devil on Kulishki? Where are these Kulishki? Who is this hell?
Secrets of the Temple of Christ the Savior. The Curse of the abbess. Crypt Malyuta Skuratov. Zamoskvorechye charming legends. Oprichny mystery of Ivan the Terrible. What is silent Moscow Swamp? Fatal secrets of the Kremlin inhabitants of heaven. Mysteries of the House on the Embankment. Riddle House Igumnov. The Woman in White.
About Ghosts in the Moscow metro can talk a little bit later, but now you can highlight the fact that James Bruce-known throughout the world warlock has a direct relation to the plans for construction of Muscovy. As you know, the old city were built on the principles “that are in heaven – even for native land.” Moscow has also been erected along the spirals and circles, with streets arranged radially, and so forth. Muscovy – embodies the astrological principles of town planning. Jacob Bruce, according to the planning and realization, was supervised directly by these ideas and principles.
Here’s an example. Metropolitan built on the principle of ring stations 12, which corresponds to 12 sectors – signs of the zodiac.
Scorpio sector, for example, the lord of which is warlike, cruel and hard rebels Pluto starts from Krasnopresnenskaya “up in the north-west of Moscow and reaches Mitino. The name of streets and subway stations is reflected in the spirit of the sector: ” ul 1905 in Moscow , “” Barrikadnaya. Pluto’s deadly breath felt on Vagankovskoye cemetery. With this zodiac sign astrologers also associate collective, magic and nuclear energy. Recall that the development of the Scorpion is always going through the self-destruction and rebirth of a qualitatively new level.
The astrological map of the city. Secrets of the Moscow underground. Roads – ghosts. Legends and mysteries of the Novodevichy Convent.
Legendary Patriarch’s Ponds. “Bench Woland and his modern followers. Specter of “black cat”. Mystical properties of cats. Mysterious white knight, bloody spot on the Kremlin tower, the ghost of Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Great Bell, the famous Moscow’s “black book” Shadow of Warlock Bruce, and much, much more – undiscovered and unknown.

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