Mystical Marlene

06 Apr

Every women, beauty is more important than the mind, because men are easier to watch than to think. (Marlene Dietrich) You can not even imagine how not just to be one of the more iconic women of our century. Be very small and very fragile woman, and at the moment to change the concept of beauty and style of women. “The girl with the perfect face, femme fatale of the twentieth century, Unknown Woman”, “style of women, brought to perfection” – all these sayings about Marlene Dietrich, one of the most popular women of the last century. While it comes about this unique woman, in her memory does not arise Film works or musical creativity, and style of the image of Marlen. Her talent has created art projects behalf of itself, a mystical and mythical mysterious Dietrich, who, even wearing masculine attire, clubs cigar smoke, could look more feminine, week a million other girls.
The real name of beauty – Maria Magdalene von Losch. She was born in December 1901 in Berlin, the German officer in the family and wealthy daughter of a jeweler. Young Marlene took lessons in music in Weimar with the famous Professor Raytsa, and she studied acting at school teacher Max Reinhardt. She also actively revolved in bohemian circles in Berlin decadent 20’s. In 1923 Marlene actively started acting in movies, and play roles in the theater, but at the time of her life her work was not seen. But the style has been unique. Do you want to apply for a style and become popular as Marlene, a sort of style icon for several generations? Then you here – Look Jury -communicative in the world for stylish girls and their friends and popular young people.
Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich
After Marlene met with great director Josef von Sternberg, began her spectacular career. Marlene Dietrich was for Joseph’s main woman in his personal and creative life. Sternberg, director until his death just loved Marlene and did everything possible for her happiness. Critics argue that this Joseph was fashioned image of the mystical actress – Marlene. So many times repeated, and the actress herself: “I created a von Sternberg from the beginning to the end.” Until the moment of meeting sDzhozefom Dietrich was plump Brown – lively and energetic. The director insisted that she lost weight, dramatically repainted the hair and pulled two molars in order to disguise the actress appeared on a little hollow cute with a touch of dramatic cheekbones. Marlene epilate her eyebrows and painted them perfect. So it was artificially created sculptural perfect face actress Marlene, which immediately became very much in demand in photography.
Marlene Dietrich – was the style icon of the twentieth century. Directly under its influence women’s dressing rooms began to appear veshchichki a la waiter (in French boyish style). Jackets, trousers tailor-made cylinders, butterfly … It was introduced Marlene signs of androgen in their style and at the same time it was designated a new fetish – the game with a cigar. Sometimes the impression that it had itself created the laws of sexuality and attractiveness. The actress felt that it is mysterious – it is the main component of sexuality, therefore, she often wore a veil. Another important point – it’s beautiful legs Marlene. The impression was that this wonderful couple feet was turned ancient sculptor.
Its clear image – sexy blonde with a perfect face and perfect styling in a frock coat and a cigar – has become the most memorable images of the twentieth century. Marlene Dietrich still is an inspiration for many professional directors. Perfect Dietrich with a cigarette – is not just a mystical way, this stylish model, planted in our subconscious.

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