Look like plants on other planets

22 Apr

Described the appearance and biochemistry of plants potentially living on other planets. This was reported at a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society, held in Llandudno in Wales.
Professionals interested in the flora growing on the planets, which revolve in binary star systems. Researchers, in particular, consider a situation where light emits radiation at different wavelengths, or when one of the stars are very dim. In both cases, extraterrestrial plants for survival would have to use a variety of enzymes that facilitate photosynthesis in these conditions.
It is known that photosynthesis – a process for producing organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water under the influence of solar radiation of certain wavelengths.
Thus, according to the findings of scientists, alien plants that live in such difficult conditions, should be painted black or gray, because of their numerous enzymatic systems will absorb light in a very wide range of wavelengths.

Recently, thanks to the observations the telescope Kepler, launched into orbit in 2009, astronomers have discovered more than a thousand planets, many of which could potentially support life. Scientists use new data to refine existing theories planet.
In particular, the team of astronomers recently reported that Earth-like planet in the Milky Way is, on average, every 37-th star similar to the Sun.

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