Jesus with his disciples – the Last Supper

Described in the Gospel of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples – the Last Supper – is not held on Thursday, as is commonly believed, and on Wednesday, according to British scientists.
This conclusion, reported Agence France-Presse, have come a professor at Cambridge University, Colin Humphrey (Solin Humphreys).
The Bible contains two different directions at the Last Supper – the first day of Passover, as stated in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, or the eve of the Jewish holiday as mentioned in the Gospel of John. In the first case, as is commonly believed, it is a Friday, while the second – on Thursday.
Conflicting dating of this event for the last two thousand years, has repeatedly been the subject of researchers studying the Bible. For example, in Bibliological dictionary A. I was given five possible explanations for discrepancies in the dating of the Last Supper.

Professor Colin Humphrey believes that, based on a comprehensive analysis of biblical texts, historical chronicles, and the data of astronomical observations, one could argue that the last supper of Jesus with his disciples took place not on Thursday or Friday, and on Wednesday. According to the theory of Hubert Humphrey, the apostles and Jesus used the solar calendar is not already at that time, the widespread, and the moon. If the Last Supper was held on Wednesday, further described in the Bible events – the arrest, interrogation and trials – took more than one night, as is commonly believed, but more than a day, which, according to Humphrey, more like the truth.
Note that in the dictionary Bibliological A. I was in the article about the Last Supper is mentioned and the version that Jesus Christ held an informal calendar, in which Passover was celebrated before. However, according to an article in the Gospels on it there is no indication.

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