Hand of Bigfoot” in lingerie

BigfootNepal to bring back a copy of the so-called “Yeti hand” in a secluded convent in the Himalayas.
Mike Alsop on Friday, will fly from Kathmandu towards Pangboche Monastery, located at an altitude of four kilometers above sea level, and take duplicate items that were stolen from there in 1990.
In addition to the brush model, Alsop will bring a copy of the mysterious scalp, allegedly belonging to a snow man, who was also kidnapped.
For the first time these objects were discovered in 1950 in the monastery of members of the expedition, whose objective was to find evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.
“I will deliver these duplicates of Tibetan monks, so they put them in place stolen items,” – said the pilot in an interview with BBC.

“Hand of Bigfoot” in lingerie
Peter Byrne, in 1950 headed an expedition aimed at finding a terrifying creature, argued that the cysts was not similar to human body parts, or primate.
At the same time, the couple admitted that the scalp, in all probability, was made of goat or antelope skin.
Byrne managed to take one of the discovered bones from Nepal and pass them to his friend, a famous Hollywood actor James Stewart, who was then vacationing in Calcutta with his wife.
Stewart’s wife managed to smuggle one of the bones in England by hiding it in a box with underwear. Experts from Oxford University, studied the bones were not able to establish exactly what substance they belong.
Instead of the original
In the early 1990’s on American television aired a documentary describing the history of the legendary bones. Shortly thereafter they were abducted from the monastery.
Having been on a journey to Tibet, Alsop decided to create a copy of the bones. To solve this problem, he asked for help from a New Zealand company Weta, which is engaged in the production of props for the movie “Lord of the Rings.”
Alsop has not told the monks from the monastery on the return of the relics, but expressed his hope that the exhibits will help attract new tourists and climbers in Pangboche.
“I want to help them, I want the monastery again appeared some profits,” – says the pilot.

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