Globa predicted the future to 2021

18 Apr

People in 2013 to begin a “period of good expectations, the possibility of taking initiative, that is, ordinary people will be free hand, will have new opportunities for small businesses to the economy.”
According to prominent Russian astrologer Pavel Globa, a revolution in the Arab countries will cease, but in the years 2013-2016 will be the second wave.
Globa claims that following the Revolution will be “much worse, far worse” – involved may waive the whole East. Also, the astrologer predicts civil war in Latin America. Events over the sample 1960 to be repeated, starting from 2014.

In 2013 the world will begin a serious economic crisis, which is reborn in a geopolitical. However, a third world war will not be world powers not to resort to nuclear weapons. In 2020-ies is probably a large number of geological disasters – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.
And for ordinary people since 2013 comes the quiet period. “This is a time of good expectations, the possibility of taking initiative, that is, ordinary people will be free hand. Probably there will be new opportunities for small businesses to the economy “- said the astrologer.
the crisis will begin in 2014, when there will a number of serious attacks. Globa this period compares with the dashing nineties, but says that serious calamities to the country will not happen. For the year in this country comes the power crisis – too many of those who are now in power, will fly from their seats. Meanwhile, in early 2020-ies, Russia has a chance to become a very powerful state, which will become the center of neutrality. “I even accept that the UN headquarters is not in the U.S., and Russia subsequently. That is, Russia from 2021 years. there is a new chance for an economic and political, and ideological “- summed up Globa


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