Fairy tale or reality Light Your Star

25 Apr

Whether you like balloons? What a strange question, “you say. But these air lanterns, each of us gets a real chance with his own hands to light up their star, to send her to heaven and make a secret wish.
This is a unique chance to do something to make our dream and hope would soar, rushing in its flight away – away to brush smeared across the sky the Milky Way, to the universe, to the most distant infinity.
Scope of application of sky lanterns depend only on your unique imagination. Sky Lanterns Diamonds can be purchased without much difficulty. These unusual and original gifts to the wedding day, birthday, New Year. It is admiration in the eyes of your beloved woman, at that moment when you give it to her burning heart.
This is a unique corporate holiday, when your whole team rallied hot releases in the heavens thousand celestial lanterns at once.

Is considered by many Thais, especially the Buddhists, if you have problems and troubles, then launching sky lanterns in the universe, you’re sure to part with these troubles and problems. A girl from India today as four centuries ago, let go of sky lanterns, put forth their most intimate desires .. They say it will necessarily come true …
Sky lanterns of Chinese civilization, known for more than a thousand years. Since those old times, when the Chinese army to run them as a warning device, which later began to use ordinary residents..
This wonderful lantern was used by them for the reference to God. In Asia, it was one of the most spectacular sights. Nowadays there is to continue – is a festival FLYING sky lanterns.
Let’s paint the gray days and turn them into bright and colorful holiday! The desire to enjoy boundless. So let us light the skies in their own stars and add in our lives a little brighter positive.

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