Eternal repair-The Egyptian pyramids

10 Apr

PyramidsThe moments that the Egyptians often did not build crumbling temples and pyramids, but only tried to use for these purposes remains of older structures. Pharaohs only just held their reconstruction and repair works, traces of which can find almost everywhere in Egypt.
Moreover, advanced building technology from the reign of Pharaoh could not approach the level of their greatest predecessors. Well, to our level even more. Because we have such a huge range of materials, simplifying the process of building and reconstruction – Knauf mixes , ready-putty, sound-insulated, ready to glue akvapaneli – if you want to see the entire range and enjoy an optimized pricing and high quality level, then go to the website torg and get a lot of pleasure from what he saw. Highly recommended.

Pyramid as a magnet for centuries lured to his millions of tourists. Seeing with my own eyes these facilities and then. that can not transmit more than one picture, people are wondering who is still built these pyramids?
And how? And that would not have said guides, a conventional tourist raises serious doubts about the effect that such facilities could build a common Egyptians using primitive tools.
Then create multiple versions. Some think that the builders of the pyramids – the giant inhabitants of Atlantis – Atlanta, others believe that it is the handiwork of aliens from extraterrestrial civilizations. And how do you think?

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