Digging the lost city of the Maya in Summar

lost cityLong time ago local residents have long known that this portion of tropical forests of Guatemala hiding something very important, but archaeologists have got to him just now. With GPS technology and remote sensing researchers have outlined the contours of the pyramid the size of a seven-story house, an astronomical observatory, ritual area for ball games, a few stone buildings and other structures.
Head of archaeologists Brigitte Kovacevich from Southern Methodist University (USA) believes that the home can simultaneously be the tombs of early rulers: “During the Preclassic period (600-300 years. BC. Er.) Kings have not yet considered the center of the universe, so they could bury not in separate tombs, and under houses. Maybe that’s why so many graves of pre-classical rulers missed scientists, fond of pyramids and temples. ”
Excavations Oltuna (named head of the Stone finds huge stone masks) will shed light on the organization of daily life in the secondary centers of Mayan culture. “Oltun – something like Denver or Atlanta – said Kathryn Reese-Taylor of the University of Calgary (Canada).

The town existed from 600 BC. er. at 900, he took about a kilometer in length and half a kilometer in width, vmeschaya two thousand inhabitants. Today he was buried with a thick layer of soil and plants, and even a pyramid seems to the untrained eye is only the hill, surrounded by woods.
Stone head is so well hidden that archaeologists have learned about it only in the early 1990’s. Scientists followed the footsteps of the robbers, and they in turn are likely to have found the city after the local farmers have tried to clear the forest for farmland. Thieves interested in massive stucco masks up to three meters. They were decorated with the most important buildings in the city.
Excavation is scheduled to begin this summer. The results were presented at a meeting of the Society of American Archaeology. Prepared according to National Geographic.

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