After the earthquake in Japan

13 Apr

Disaster Many scholars began to actively encourage revise forecasts seismic zoning map. The fact that Japanese shocks were two points higher than what was predicted is always in the area.
Of course, there are technologies that can improve the stability of the building, but they are more expensive than demolish the building and build it again with a higher seismic resistance.
Even before the events in Japan, hundreds of scientists have signed a communique in which projected growth of global catastrophes: Earth’s interior began to move and now discharge the stored energy – numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami are waiting for humanity in the next few years, writes “Russian Reporter” . Humanity is invited to prepare. The initiator of this appeal became prominent Russian scientist Victor Hain, who died in 2009, and the Azerbaijani scientist Elchin Khalilov.
Answering journalists’ questions, Elchin Khalilov, head of the Global Network for Earthquake Prediction, as well as the head of the International Committee on Global Change of the geological environment Geochange »said that the Earth is now in the phase of strong activity.
“The International Committee of Geochange several years conducted research before having been formally organized, – said E. Khalilov. – And it was already clear that in the normal course of geological events have been significant changes. The trend that had prevailed for a hundred years, sharply changed its character. We were able to calculate when it happened: in the late 1990’s. All parameters – the energy of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity – have risen sharply since 1998. According to our estimates, between 2011 and 2015 will be a maximum of earthquakes, volcanic volcanoes, tsunamis, and possibly climate change. The peak will occur in 2013-2014 years. What we now see – just the beginning. ”
In general, Elchin Khalilov drew the following picture. Now activate the so-called Ring of Fire – where allocated 80% of the seismic energy of the planet. These include Indonesia, Japan, Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, the Aleutian Islands and the whole west coast of the Americas. This is the youngest area of ​​the cortex.
Behind it must be activated over the old, the second activity area – Alpine-Himalayan: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia, India, Pakistan and China. This zone is very densely populated, and there earthquakes and volcanoes to very few people seem present. The peak activity of the continental area will be in 2014-2015.
In late 2009, the Committee signed a scientists from 90 countries, and the materials sent to 140 heads of state. From the practical things proposed to establish an international center that will collect information and publicize the cataclysms. Now there are at most regional centers, such as the American Center for Monitoring the tsunami. Also there is a project to create a commission on the example of the commission on global climate change because it is only a small fraction of what is happening to the Earth. It is proposed to introduce international standards for dealing with large disasters, and so on. But the first task – to develop and standardize the collection of seismic data worldwide. Because everything on the planet is interconnected.

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