Hand of Bigfoot” in lingerie

BigfootNepal to bring back a copy of the so-called “Yeti hand” in a secluded convent in the Himalayas.
Mike Alsop on Friday, will fly from Kathmandu towards Pangboche Monastery, located at an altitude of four kilometers above sea level, and take duplicate items that were stolen from there in 1990.
In addition to the brush model, Alsop will bring a copy of the mysterious scalp, allegedly belonging to a snow man, who was also kidnapped.
For the first time these objects were discovered in 1950 in the monastery of members of the expedition, whose objective was to find evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Continue reading “Hand of Bigfoot” in lingerie”

Physics meeting with Bigfoot

footThe English physicist Tony Woolridge traveled in the Himalayas March 1987 . The main camp, where he was staying, was at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level in Dzhoshimat that the north-east of Delhi, near the border with Nepal.
On the fifth day in Dzhoshimat! He left the village Gowing Goeth to the empty hut, known as Gangariya. Woolridge was trying to reach the edge of the highest mountain peak.
About 11 o’clock in the morning at an altitude of 3300 meters, he saw the prints, struck him with its clarity. At first he thought it traces the great apes. They were not like the footprints of the snow leopard – the only large creature that is found here. Woolridge went over in memory all possible options, but they were also questionable. Then he took a few pictures.
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Digging the lost city of the Maya in Summar

lost cityLong time ago local residents have long known that this portion of tropical forests of Guatemala hiding something very important, but archaeologists have got to him just now. With GPS technology and remote sensing researchers have outlined the contours of the pyramid the size of a seven-story house, an astronomical observatory, ritual area for ball games, a few stone buildings and other structures.
Head of archaeologists Brigitte Kovacevich from Southern Methodist University (USA) believes that the home can simultaneously be the tombs of early rulers: “During the Preclassic period (600-300 years. BC. Er.) Kings have not yet considered the center of the universe, so they could bury not in separate tombs, and under houses. Maybe that’s why so many graves of pre-classical rulers missed scientists, fond of pyramids and temples. ”
Excavations Oltuna (named head of the Stone finds huge stone masks) will shed light on the organization of daily life in the secondary centers of Mayan culture. “Oltun – something like Denver or Atlanta – said Kathryn Reese-Taylor of the University of Calgary (Canada).
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On the planet of the era of megakatastrof

PlanetDevastating earthquake in Haiti and the coasts of Japan – is a harbinger of powerful upheavals that would soon befall the continents of our planet, say U.S. researchers.
That was the conclusion seismologists Laboratory U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, Charles Buffet and David Perkins. They studied natural disasters over the past 110 years. “The planet Earth is the era of megakatastrof” – sure Buffet.
According to scientists, powerful aftershocks clustered in time, forming a seismic “clusters”.
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Fairy tale or reality Light Your Star

Whether you like balloons? What a strange question, “you say. But these air lanterns, each of us gets a real chance with his own hands to light up their star, to send her to heaven and make a secret wish.
This is a unique chance to do something to make our dream and hope would soar, rushing in its flight away – away to brush smeared across the sky the Milky Way, to the universe, to the most distant infinity. Continue reading “Fairy tale or reality Light Your Star”

Love knows no boundaries

LoveWorld of animal adoptions are rare, but still occur. I would like to offer you a couple of interesting stories about how the animals were taken to other members of the education of children the world of animals
Golden Retriever Monica has adopted three white Bengal tiger, from which their mother has abandoned two days after their birth. Cubs-called Xidan, Nasir and Anzhiku. Continue reading “Love knows no boundaries”

Neanderthals believed in an afterlife

The Sima de las Palomas (Murcia, southeast Spain) was found buried at least three of the Neanderthals, whose age is estimated at 50 thousand years.
All the deceased are laid in the grave with their hands raised to his head, and it seems no accident. Probably, this position had a certain symbolic significance, suggesting that Neandertals possessed some ideas about the afterlife. In addition, this idea pushes presence alongside the skeletons of tools and food, and traces of fire suggest that the grave was repeatedly visited by children.
Trio is made up of a young woman, and child (or adolescent) and adult (probably male). For their kinship to judge until you can not.
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Look like plants on other planets

Described the appearance and biochemistry of plants potentially living on other planets. This was reported at a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society, held in Llandudno in Wales.
Professionals interested in the flora growing on the planets, which revolve in binary star systems. Researchers, in particular, consider a situation where light emits radiation at different wavelengths, or when one of the stars are very dim. In both cases, extraterrestrial plants for survival would have to use a variety of enzymes that facilitate photosynthesis in these conditions.
It is known that photosynthesis – a process for producing organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water under the influence of solar radiation of certain wavelengths. Continue reading “Look like plants on other planets”

Jesus with his disciples – the Last Supper

Described in the Gospel of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples – the Last Supper – is not held on Thursday, as is commonly believed, and on Wednesday, according to British scientists.
This conclusion, reported Agence France-Presse, have come a professor at Cambridge University, Colin Humphrey (Solin Humphreys).
The Bible contains two different directions at the Last Supper – the first day of Passover, as stated in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, or the eve of the Jewish holiday as mentioned in the Gospel of John. In the first case, as is commonly believed, it is a Friday, while the second – on Thursday. Continue reading “Jesus with his disciples – the Last Supper”

“Shelter” at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will withstand a six-point earthquake

The nuclear power plant can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 6 thanks conducted in 1997 and 2008 projects to enhance security and stabilization facility, told the CEO Igor Gramotkin station.
“Currently, facility due to the work carried out is in stable condition for 15 years. Looking at this angle,” Fukushima “, we were able to bring it today in a state where it can withstand an earthquake measuring 6 points without the destruction and consequences”, – said he said. Continue reading ““Shelter” at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will withstand a six-point earthquake”