Space – what is it? Living matter or divine power?

10 Mar

A astrophysicists say that today, scientists do not really offer anything brand new, but just rush straight from the tin with the evidential hypotheses paths that have them laid the wisest philosophers of the ancient world. In our time, for example, more opinions is summed up in the wrong direction, that the universe – a generic being, the divine power, which can give rise to other planets, meteors and comets, and even the whole mankind. But such a hypothesis was put forward even Plato, who strongly maintained a close relationship of the universe and man. Fought for the opening in each of us “especially pure fire, united with the light of day.” Once a person has lit a fire of this, says the philosopher, he is able to fulfill his destiny, and gradually develop their potential. About the event that people in the cosmic expanses alive all alive – they are born, learn quickly, get married, bought a limousine to the wedding and celebrate their every day to its fullest, have babies and make incredible discoveries, and even perform some unique and assigned only to them mission, argued, and Giordano Bruno.
In his submissions light of distant galaxies ecumenical awakening feeling that is hidden in the earthling great potential. And this potential relates it, earthling, with the universe.
Hence – a huge responsibility. A number of contemporary philosophers are increasingly inclined to believe that mankind has chosen for himself the path of evolution, different from the one who was appointed over him. Mol, humans are actively increasing their technical muscles, experimenting with inanimate matter, in the time from them primarily waiting for the evolution of the spirit. It is about the steady development of world-view, which is based on an unequivocal priority of love and morality above all other values. Apparently, our bright emotions needed space for its own evolution, so we do so strictly goes to all that is called sin. The visible world, it seems, really is guided by an invisible world. How, then, by humanity will develop further? Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, for example, suggests that the process of human development will inevitably lead to radical changes in the world. The evolution of living matter causes the Earth to acquire some other form. Scientists theorize that gradually begin to change heavy matter, humans learn to fly to other planets, and this factor will gradually change their own. Travel to distant worlds will force our successors are attached to a cosmic radiation, long flights and, finally, variations, and their bodies, and the fundamental energy. According to Tsiolkovsky, a man of the future looks like creature that lives in interplanetary space, eating space energy.
Perhaps in this form appeared Jesus Christ to his disciples for forty days in a row after his resurrection. What is not biblical – “from God we came and to God and get back.” “The man really is a great mystery, – says Galina Zheleznyak. – By our actions, much depends in the universe. Therefore learn to act so that the world is a better place and moved into positive vibrations, and is perhaps the main purpose of human life. Above that we all have to work hard. We – the mysterious beings, we are unusual.

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