Secret texts of the last years of Jesus’ life transcribed

As reported by British media, a group of scientists managed to decipher some of the sacred text, the damage 2.000 years ago on the sheets, made of lead. About 70 books, each of which contains several stitched with wire lead plates were discovered five years ago in northern Jordan locals. The find was kept secret since been made secret attempts to sell the ancient library.
But after a few potential buyers turned to scientists for examination for authenticity, about the treasure found the general public. It is reported that made from thin sheets of lead deposited cipher text, based on Hebrew. In this case, the authors are widely used, and hieroglyphs.
After the hard work of professionals from the English Oxford managed to decipher the text. It speaks of the Messiah and the Ascension. They believe that we are in the lead-books are talking about Christ.

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