Great Wall of China

WallThe most ambitious construction of all time – became a symbol of China, which have heard virtually all modern humans. It is unclear how this is done, but I can say for sure that the Great Wall of China – a grand structure of humanity. Wonder of the World, the longest in the world, “Wan Lee Chang Chen (” The wall is ten thousand li “) – so at different times called the Great Wall of China. And though the last name of one can assume the true size of an ancient Chinese wall (1 is equal to 576 m), various sources described different figures. According to some assumptions of its length does not exceed 4 thousand miles, on the other – it is more than 5,000 kilometers. Height of the wall on average 6.6 m (in some areas up to 10 meters), width of the bottom of about 6,5 m, top – about 5,5 m. The width is allowed to pass one to two horse carts. Throughout the Great Wall of China constructed casemates to protect and guard towers, and at the main mountain passes built a fortress.
History Wall of China began with the epoch of the first emperor of China. Qin Shi Huang ordered to build the Great Wall after a court forecaster said that “ruin hustsy Qin in the north.” To protect the empire from the Qin “northern barbarians”, the emperor commanded to build unprecedented in its scale fortifications. For the construction of a huge wall herded hundreds of thousands of slaves, prisoners of war and the peasants. Day and night they rammed earth, laid large stones and bricks, mix mortar for their bonds. Many of the founders of this grand structure have not returned to their homes. According to one version, the construction of the Great Wall began before the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. More from 300 BC. er. the rulers of northern China built a wall along sections of its border. They consisted mainly of compacted earth, and had a total length of about 2000 kilometers. Emperor Shi Huangdi planned to strengthen the already constructed pieces and put them together to make a wall in a continuous line of protection against the northern threat.
The Great Wall was built with such skill and ruggedness that has survived until now. And this is the only man-made structures on our planet, which is visible even from space. Wall stretches along the city, across deserts, valleys, deep canyons – through the modern China. When it was built, it transformed the country, located to the south, a huge, well-protected fortress.
But neither the Great Wall of China, nor the brutality of government have not helped the Qin Dynasty. A few years after the death of the first Chinese emperor of the Qin Dynasty was overthrown.
However, the public experience of the Qin empire was developed and multiplied the new empire of the Han, formed at the end of the 3 rd century BC. er. and lasted for more than four years. In the Han Chinese empire is fully aware of themselves as one people, and today they call themselves the Han people. The main part of the wall was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty in the years 1368-1644.
Today the Great Wall attracts tourists from all over the world. No description of the Chinese capital can not do without a mention of it. The Chinese claim that the history of the wall – half of China’s history and it is impossible to understand China without having been on the wall. Scientists estimate that if all the materials used in building the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, to lay down a wall thickness of one and a height of five meters, its length would be enough to circle the globe. If you also do with all the materials used Qin, Han and Ming, then such an improvised “wall” will be able to circle the earth over 10 times. According to grand structure, “Great Wall” is unparalleled in the history of world architecture. C camyh its highest point you can admire the breathtaking panorama. Modern scientists are going to determine the exact length of the Wall of China with aerofotosemkki. Meanwhile, tourists from around the world daily visit the monument of world architecture to admire the grandeur of the structure and its scope. On-site visitors can purchase a certificate with the date and time of visiting Wall of China. Great Wall of China

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