Black smoke over Fukushima

The nuclear plant “Fukushima-1” began to climb poles black as night, smoke. The reason for this site smoke alarm plant is unknown. Leadership to urgently start to evacuate staff the plant, which eliminates the effects of the accident 3 reactor, ITAR-TASS notes.
This week on the plant have already seen the pillars of “white smoke” (he shot up over the second power), but it was steam from seawater for cooling the reactors.
Problems at the third unit began after the new complexities in the first and second reactor: in the first temperature jumped from the maximum permissible 302 to 400 degrees, while the second had to suspend work because of high levels of radiation.
Japanese authorities reported that there was no threat of a temperature increase of the first reactor is not. Meanwhile, the building of the second reactor were evacuated all workers – there is the radiation level reached 500 millisieverts per hour

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