A pattern between income and growth

3 Research conducted by economists, biologists, historians and demographers have shown that there is a relationship between the growth of man and his income
According to researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK), for 300 years, human dimensions have grown much stronger than before this millennium: changes too fast, so they can be explained by evolution, About two hundred years ago the difference in growth between the working class and the cream of society was evident. Comparison between the boys of the London slums, and students of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, conducted at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, showed that 90-95% of the former were lower than the second. Golden youth well fed, – said one of the authors of Sir Roderick Flaud. – Well, a child who looks like the children of workers at the time, today would be immediately handed over to the hospital. ”

In 1780 the average growth of 14-year old child from the bottom was 130 cm, and the scions of noble families were drawn up to 155 cm Today, thanks to health care, nutrition, health centers and education the children of the working class have reduced the difference to 6 cm
Civilization blurs and regional differences. Two centuries ago, the Scots were 2.3 cm higher than people living in the south of England and the Norwegians – the shortest in Europe. Today, the average growth of mature Scots – 173 cm, and the south-east Englishman – 175 cm Norwegians meanwhile become one of the nation’s highest, second only to the Dutch. Co-author Bernard Harris believes that improved nutrition and sanitary conditions helped the British beat the Scots. “The average population growth of European countries and regions can tell us about how well they do to the economy” – formulated the law of Sir Roderic.
In addition, it turned out that tall people are paying more. “Apparently, employers, and voters prefer high – said another co-author, Nobel laureate Robert Fogel. – We like to look up at our leaders. ”
The book’s authors also believe that about half of today’s teenagers will live to a hundred years, despite all the environmental problems and possible food crisis. But their descendants will likely live to 130 years. “My great-grandchildren will wonder: Is it true that people born in 1930 could reach only up to eighty?” – Said 84-year-old Vogel, relying entirely on scientific evidence that every decade, life expectancy is growing on average two year.

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