A pattern between income and growth

3 Research conducted by economists, biologists, historians and demographers have shown that there is a relationship between the growth of man and his income
According to researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK), for 300 years, human dimensions have grown much stronger than before this millennium: changes too fast, so they can be explained by evolution, About two hundred years ago the difference in growth between the working class and the cream of society was evident. Comparison between the boys of the London slums, and students of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, conducted at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, showed that 90-95% of the former were lower than the second. Golden youth well fed, – said one of the authors of Sir Roderick Flaud. – Well, a child who looks like the children of workers at the time, today would be immediately handed over to the hospital. ”
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Obvious incredible – End of the world does not come on May 21

discoveryHarold Camping preacher from California believes that the end of the world will come May 21, 2011, according to him this day to happen the second coming of Christ.
According to forecasts camping, the doomsday will occur around 18:00, and 2% of the population immediately ascended into heaven, and the rest will be sent straight to hell.
“If Camping performed with the usual pulpit, it would be easy to ignore as another religious eccentric wrong prediction apocalypse. But this elderly gentleman is ubiquitous – it is present on the American airwaves and billboards – and his incredible outlook Yom Kippur is almost impossible not to hear” – the author writes Guy Adams.
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Black smoke over Fukushima

The nuclear plant “Fukushima-1” began to climb poles black as night, smoke. The reason for this site smoke alarm plant is unknown. Leadership to urgently start to evacuate staff the plant, which eliminates the effects of the accident 3 reactor, ITAR-TASS notes.
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Nature incredible discovery

IncredibleDarwin’s observation that “only the fittest survive”, was put under great doubt to a new study published in the edition of Nature.
Collaboration of universities of Exeter and Bath in the UK with a group from the University of San Diego in the U.S., challenges our current understanding of evolution, showing that biodiversity can develop where previously thought impossible.
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Great Wall of China

WallThe most ambitious construction of all time – became a symbol of China, which have heard virtually all modern humans. It is unclear how this is done, but I can say for sure that the Great Wall of China – a grand structure of humanity. Wonder of the World, the longest in the world, “Wan Lee Chang Chen (” The wall is ten thousand li “) – so at different times called the Great Wall of China. And though the last name of one can assume the true size of an ancient Chinese wall (1 is equal to 576 m), various sources described different figures. According to some assumptions of its length does not exceed 4 thousand miles, on the other – it is more than 5,000 kilometers. Height of the wall on average 6.6 m (in some areas up to 10 meters), width of the bottom of about 6,5 m, top – about 5,5 m. The width is allowed to pass one to two horse carts. Throughout the Great Wall of China constructed casemates to protect and guard towers, and at the main mountain passes built a fortress. Continue reading “Great Wall of China”

City of Machu Picchu in Peru

Old peak” – one of the most extraordinary cities. Sandwiched between the two peaked peaks and edged the crown covered with forests of high mountains, it is situated at an altitude of 2,280 m on the steep slope above the valley of the “River of the Sun” Urubamba and is buried in the snow-white clouds and dense fog. Why did the Incas decided to settle in this remote place, high in the Andes, it is unclear so far. From settlements along the roads of the empire, controlled areas, endowed with full autonomy. Perhaps, Machu Picchu was created for the same, but an exceptional geographical location, is best suited to conduct astronomical observations, soon made him a privileged position. The Incas believed that the most beautiful landscapes, a gift of nature, endowed with supernatural powers. Continue reading “City of Machu Picchu in Peru”

City of Petra in Jordan

JordanThe lands of today’s Jordan? Historians can not give an exact answer to this question. We only know that Nabatiyah built an amazing and mysterious city of Petra. City of Rocks, where lived and the dead and the living. Lost in the desert ghost town, for centuries, overgrown with legends, and finally, almost accidentally discovered in the early XIX century …
Tales of lost in the rocks and sands of the ancient Nabataean city excited the minds of European scholars and travelers since the days of the Crusaders. These lands in the Middle Ages controlled fierce Bedouin tribes, but because of their inaccessibility further fueled the imagination. Moving away in time, Peter is increasingly took on the ghostly features of the Middle East Continue reading “City of Petra in Jordan”

Photo history of your life …

Professional photography – is an immortal work of art! A good photographer – an artist who creates it. But often people do not understand why there is a photographer when the camera has all the necessary functions that can customize any person. They do not recognize the skill of the photographer, believing that everything can be done with
out his help. But, looking at their photo albums, you can see the absurd and pathetic amateur pictures with red eyes that look strangely frozen people. Wrong angle, macro and murky warped perspectives of their failed attempts to make a panoramic shot cause only sad emotions. What is a family album? This is consistent history of life, captured on the interesting and beautiful pictures. of those unique moments when the family is a single entity and people are so happy together. It’s your wedding day, when the world has a new family. Your family! This is a joyous and unforgettable event in family life: birthdays of children and their first tentative, hesitant steps. And the opportunity to capture each of them is extremely important.
Do you have a camera and friends who willingly offer their services? Do not rush to agree! Think about what each is important to you a unique moment that life is impossible to Unwind a few frames to repeat these events, if the first attempt fails amateur footage. No need to risk having precious and important, they give you these unique short moments of family happiness!
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City of Chichen-Itza

The ancient city of the Mayan archeological zone located in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is one of the most important sights in the times of the Maya and Toltec. Here is the majestic and the most mysterious building in Mexico – Pyramid of Kukulkan. Here you can see Chuck Moola – the idol with a flat bowl on his stomach (it lowered heart of the sacrificed), Royal Baths, the ancient Indian observatory sacred well of the victims. This population of Chichen Itza threw various offerings, including their tribeswoman, girls 14-18 years old. Continue reading “City of Chichen-Itza”

Secret texts of the last years of Jesus’ life transcribed

As reported by British media, a group of scientists managed to decipher some of the sacred text, the damage 2.000 years ago on the sheets, made of lead. About 70 books, each of which contains several stitched with wire lead plates were discovered five years ago in northern Jordan locals. The find was kept secret since been made secret attempts to sell the ancient library.
But after a few potential buyers turned to scientists for examination for authenticity, about the treasure found the general public. It is reported that made from thin sheets of lead deposited cipher text, based on Hebrew. In this case, the authors are widely used, and hieroglyphs.
After the hard work of professionals from the English Oxford managed to decipher the text. It speaks of the Messiah and the Ascension. They believe that we are in the lead-books are talking about Christ.