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22 Feb

Late autumn. Buchko rung on the sheet. Showered and elm, and maple. Over a cliff just alder was still green. In the air, circled the first white bee. And sat on primorozhennyh mugs.
Greener blackberries. For sheep, blackberries, even in winter – an indispensable food. Get a string of green under the snow, just crunches. Napasetsya cow, sheep and find their own food. Therefore, rural Yugas (shepherds) earlier in the winter does not surpass the sheep in a stall, and staged the so-called Szalasi. It was such Zaruba. Original units, fencing, where slept the herd. Zaruba steady, high to an animal could not reach. Sami herdsmen camped under the well-equipped huts. It was not. certainly looks like a comfortable stay in a hotel, a hotel , but it looked pretty well and it was quite livable. Such Szalasi was once a village in the mountains with a dozen. Typically, they arranged in secret places, hidden in the folds of the mountains to avoid walking on them evil poloninskie wind.

So, one of those Szalasi owned by the rural priest, courting the good shepherd Lyutyanskaya, which told us that he could keep the bull by the horns … and although there is no such person, that nothing be afraid … And there was an old Yugas not easily frightened tens. And alive (the rebels) have repeatedly argued. And here is scared. Already a herd of nearly crawled out from spring, when prigarkovi grandfather saw a huge hairy, covered with big red hair, man. She stood and stared in the direction, as if oblivious of the herd, nor Yugas, which had two. Small guy, a village orphan who helped salashuvaty old, scared his whole body pressed to his grandfather.
– Look, look, what a ghost standing there.
– Oh, Vanya, not a ghost, the ghost of the body has, through her camping shows and then the one that breaks Buchko. – You Xia not fight, he will not make us nich. But now the specter of a scream, so much so that the sheep huddled in a heap, and his grandfather both stood there, and crashed … When he came to, the devil prigarkovi was no longer … as a solution. A small Yugas saw jumped out of the woods the same shaggy pup. Mara grabbed him up and ran away.
– What is it there? – We asked Peter.
– Who knows. Puzhalo and all …
Later, when I’m interested in stories about encounters with hairy Ludmila, I tried to ask again Dranchaka that frequently breaks down, but my grandfather just brushed aside:
– How long have I heard something, nothing new will add, can not remember …
Many interesting perepovidok their time on live, all sorts of unusual anomalous phenomenon known Lutheran School teacher Eva Y. Gumen (according to her husband – Kirik). Eva Y. was my classmate. And wrote her stories, I do not, and the current director of the Interfax-born savage and my nephew Vasily Yurichko. Whole thick notebook he gave me, but unfortunately, it so happened that at one crossing the manuscript was lost. Loss does not vospolnima. Because Eva Yu already dead. It was an extremely intelligent and talented people, which necessarily must first tell people. She deserved that for her creative personality known not only to the villagers.
But back to our mysterious creatures that inhabited many legends Transcarpathians.
Where it was in the early to mid-XIX century. Early in the morning a group of girls went for Kichera (mountain) in shlogo (young planting) to gather raspberries. In the midst of the forest met the extraordinarily rich raspberry bushes. Girls got carried away and did not notice, as it crept up the bear. He grabbed Anka – high grown woman – and how and did not resist, carried her into the thicket.
Crying, screaming, went to name but a bear and Anke should be forgiven.
Returned home.
Told relatives. Went on the second day, people look for Anka. Where only did not go. Found only a handkerchief and kosharik. Traces of the fact that the bear had killed a girl, was not. A week passed, the second one. In the village bells sounded. Made the requiem. Gradually began to forget about the history of the bear, and Anya as well. Killed only Kurtyak Yurko, who fell in love with a girl, and for some reason did not believe that the bear could kill her. He left his farm and went into the mountains.
– Take, nurse, what you want – he says – but not yet perekonayusya that Anka is not alive, do nich home I will not.
Took his gun and went into the mountains. Walked-walked – and found the cave, covered with stones. Sat out in the ambush a day or two. Sees in the morning – who pushes the stone. Yurko silent. Pushed the bear stone. Climbed into the air. Again, put him in place and with the basket went to the valley. Yurko ran to the cave and began to cry.
-Anya, Anya! It is I, your Jura! If you’re alive – Respond! And suddenly I heard:
– I’m here. But I can not get out. Help me.
Yurko tried to put aside a boulder, but he did not succeed. How not pruzhivsya, although there was a strong enough guy, Stone did not yield. Then he decided to return to the village.
People gathered. Went to the place in a mountain valley. Waited until the bear leaves the cave. Once he retired, with stakes and moved the stone fired Anka.
And only then she told me that this is not a bear, but one that often breaks down.
It turns out, did not intend to kill her, brought there, it was the berries, and sometimes sheep or beef.
Or Antsya then hid, or can really be so, but the Yeti was a gentleman, he never tried to rape her. Just peddling food and looked with loving eyes.
Another story told me a former forester, unfortunately, also died in the past year old Peter King.
In the tract of turning that over the high top meadows Lyutyanskaya Golitsa always stood Szalasi. There wintered flocks of several villages: Blackheads, Smerekova, Bukivtsevo and cruel.
The boys gathered in one of the huts: the fire burned, played gaydichkah (flute), sang mournful songs about the Transcarpathian meadows, flocks of sheep, beautiful my dear.
One evening, said so himself, laughing, as someone said:
-Come on, quietly, because where goykayut. Hear that?
– Hey, hey, hey .. swept ravines so so much that almost the Dog hair stood on end.
– Hey, hey, hey, – said one of the guys.
– Do not vidgukuysya, – said the old Yugas because Anuzhite some ghost prichelemkae.
– Oh, grandfather, forever you most afraid of. Yes we have here a lot. – Let him go. We talk with her.
– Sing, Sing. We are waiting for thee.
– Going, going …
And it echoed almost half an hour, maybe more. Played cards, laughed and shouted:
– Sing, Sing!
– I’m coming, coming! ..
– Sing! Sing! No sooner was the guy to utter these words as a hut crackled lischinnya. A few times guhnulo, And in the doorway appeared a huge hut-like bar, reddish cholovichisko. With frightened children huddled in one corner. The man looked at the audience. malevolent gaze, then muttered under his breath. One of those present swore that he was asked: – Who called me? Others said that it was hard to understand the giant.
But went into the hut and sat on a log, which has usually burning a fire. Opened his mouth, raised his hands over the flame and started warming huge, like a horse teeth.
By the way, what is described in the legend or byvalschine very coincides with the description, which results in their work Nikolay Nepomniaschy, a member of the memoirs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Punch Ensonga.
Punch said about how he met a “hairy man” in the woods on the side of ravines, where he, being in the expedition, he went to collect firewood for a campfire.
“He was more than two meters height, wider shoulders, human, clouded brow, deep eyes and stuck his nose with wide nostrils slightly recurving, he had” fallen “cheeks, ears like a human, but the big, big round black eyes, is also larger than in humans. The lower jaw sticks out forward, lips and large negrovidni front teeth as big as a horse. Green eyebrows with black brovima hair dark brown, long, more than 30 centimeters long. Whole face except the nose and ears were covered with short hair, arms hanging below the knees. His hands are large, toes more than 14 centimeters. ”
But back to our cabin. Giant warmed-warmed teeth, smacking, smacked, and the shepherds, as if petrified, staring at him. Then I got up, went to the Braids, where it was stored goat cheese, pulled out two of the largest Budza and calmly walked out of the hut. Never barked herding dogs, no more until the morning did not say a word. Did not pray to God, but in all the state was as if they were stunned. In the morning they all went to their flocks of sheep milk, which has already rolled, they were driven out to graze in the forest thicket. Only one stayed in the cabin, the one that called the Night Visitors.
They say he was from that day became ill and died shortly afterwards. That fear is done, or goblin really enjoyed what telepathy – and the guy was gone.
I remember a little with my father more than once spent the night at poloninskih meadows under the hut. Sometimes, you hear, and probably happened because the echo in the mountains far away is rolling. Who’s where, after sunset, or singing, or screaming. And my father always advised:
– Does not work. When a good man, the way to the fire itself soundly trash every call is not necessary, let him go his own road.
This story I heard long ago from Eva Yurievna Kirik. She loved the legends of the insurgents, or, as they were called (I said) is still alive, the forest children, their lot was two years ago and the last centuries.
So – is on the north side of the large fierce Beskidy Ridge, Stanca said. Stanca is bordered by two smaller hamlets – dry and quiet. Mountain and stretches for ten miles.
if not more. The middle of it there is a canyon, which is popularly referred to as mud. And there near the tract Psyayka there are places that in childhood we have repeatedly tried to dig. There certainly is a cave that he knew. Why do I say this, but because when we raced there, below us as if something hard dubotilo. The sound can only be void. They say that in those caves hiding guerrillas once. It is about them telling me Eva Y..
– At Stentz is a place where you can see three churches: Lyutyanskuyu, Sushansku and Tishansku – she said. – Yes, they say that this is the place buried treasure oprishki. It was their twelve. All people as people, and one was dumb. Not deaf, but mute. And he was worse than asp. Huge, all overgrown with hair. He was guarding a cave. He slept on the ground. And when the rebels went to procure food, then took with them dumb. The largest herds and flocks were in the rural pop Bachinsky and Austrian baroness. There were particularly good vigulyani gobies and heifers. Country cattle badly fed and poorly herded. Toloka was such as if someone shaved her. And the hay not enough to swear by. And on the manorial lands belonging to the Baroness Sacher and Count Teleki – people are not allowed animals, because that would really be bad. Took away cattle and yes even home sekvestuvaly.
Dumb could quietly sneak up on the bull, five fingers was falling to the ground, then dumped the carcass on his shoulders and calmly walked into the mountains …

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