Riddle of the underworld.

Whether there is a civilization, hidden away in the depths of the earth? Many people remember a great novel by Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Two scientists, guided by a medieval manuscript, sent through the crater of an extinct volcano to the center of the Earth and discover &nbsbr; in the bowels of the whole world, enclosed in a giant cave. But if the creative genius of famed science fiction writer anticipated many discoveries and accomplishments of our time (submarines, flying to the moon), then, perhaps, and this time he became the harbinger of a sensational discovery, which is able to completely overturn our understanding of Earth and about the basic biology laws.
Legend or reality?
Difficult to call people who did not have to legends about creatures living in the dark dungeons. In Russian epics tells of giants (the father Svyatogora, Gorynya, Dubynya and Usynya and others) who lived underground, rarely coming to the surface.
European and Scandinavian myths mention a whole tribes and peoples who have chosen the caves and the earth dips as their place of habitation. First of all, it’s dwarves. According to legend, gnomes – these are small creatures, rising not more than 12 inches, living underground, well versed in the metals and precious stones, as well as possessing the ability to predict the future. They have earned the reputation of excellent smiths, had forged a ring as the god Odin, confer wealth of his master, and the sword of King Arthur’s Excalibur, before which they could not resist either stone or iron.
According to the British and French myths, caverns and ramified system of caves that extend for miles, are home to the annual balls of fairies and elves. Woe to him who dares to stop them – he will be doomed before the end of time to roam the enchanted caves in search of yield. But apparently, these brave souls still are, so until we heard tales of unearthly beauty and mystery &nbsbr; these celebrations in the dark dungeon, illuminated with light and whimsical gnilushek phosphorescent glow.
In addition to the dwarves and elves mythical cave was inhabited more trolls and goblins (in France called orcs). It was believed that these creatures, openly hostile to man, a distant relative of the giants and the giants that lived on our planet in prehistoric times.
When comparing these legends once attention is drawn to several points in common. First: the peoples who inhabit the dungeon, much older than the human race and are derived from the creatures, now extinct (gods, titans, etc.). Second: they invariably have &nbsbr; by some secret knowledge and craftsmanship, giving them a significant advantage over the man. And third: Almost always, these underground dwellers hostile to humans and only rarely agree to assist &nbsbr; individuals, guided by some sort of your thoughts. As we see before us is not a piecemeal collection of fabulous and mythical information, and a fairly complete picture, which allows to make very specific historical conclusions.
In contrast to European legends ancient Greek mythological cave was completely left to the mercy of the souls of the dead and Hades – grim king of the underworld. An interesting point: many of the myths give quite precise instructions, where exactly is the entrance to the underworld. Among these hellish gates of some ancient writers (Hesiod, Apollodorus, and Euripides) refer lakoniysky thenar and fesprotiysky Aorn. Contemporary researchers have clearly identified these ancient names; turned out that these unusual names are the entrances to the huge caves and earth faults, located in the Balkans, where these caves are not fully understood to this day. So, as you can see the possibility of man’s entry into a world of ancient authors recognized the very real, hltya and incredibly difficult. This same point of view, some early Christian theologians, touted as the gates of hell pit of St. Patrick in Ireland, the craters of Vesuvius in Italy and Hekla in Iceland.
So many legends and myths pertaining to various cultural and historical traditions, in one voice say that somewhere in the subterranean depths of a vicious and completely self-contained world with its unique inhabitants. Such a huge amount of circumstantial evidence simply can not occur in a vacuum.
Where did the ancestors?
Perhaps no area of science did not cause such a stormy debate and controversy as anthropology and, in particular, the theory of the origin and evolution of man. Some of the unique archeological finds a stone is not left up to them from the dominant ideas and increasingly pushed away the alleged age of the species homo sabries &nbsbr; in the past. But anyway &nbsbr; most scientists adhere to the idea that human evolution was not the usual ascent from the more simple and primitive biological forms to more advanced. Figuratively speaking, the evolutionary tree of man – is not only the trunk, but many branches as sickly, and quite viable.
A number of archaeological finds quite possible to establish that since time immemorial have existed in parallel several evolutionary branches belonging to the form homo sabriens, and this existence has not always been peaceful. The fact that the level of intelligence and development, biological characteristics and appearance of these subspecies are sometimes quite different, and bloody clashes and even wars often occurred between the man and his “elder brother”, left its memory in the legends and stories. There is no doubt that all described in the myths and legends of dwarfs, giants, as well as human-like demonic beings – different forms of human evolution.
Archaeological evidence to support this theory Bole than enough. Dozens of times, scientists are buried with the skeletons, whose growth has reached six meters. Some of the dead city, yavivshie the world their secrets only through the laborious efforts of researchers, are designed so that if they had inhabited the giants, or, conversely, dwarfs. Finally, many books related to the already historic time, stories of indigenous peoples, whose biological characteristics are quite different from men.
For example, in the ancient chronicles mention mysterious people “Chud eyed.” And the elusive yeti – it’s only a dead-end branch of human evolution, survived in remote corners of the globe due to their strength and endurance. By the way, the Yeti has repeatedly appeared in Tibetan chronicles, and even in the “Lay”, where he was named divom.
Not all the “elder brothers of humanity” could win in a fierce uncompromising struggle for survival. Probably some of them just died out, being unable to resist the growing influence of humans. Others have been assimilated or turned into occasional miracle, somehow vlachaschee somewhere in the secret places of its existence. And finally, was possible even a third way of special scientific interest – avoiding contact with a man in space, totally unfit for it.
Here there are only two options: under water or under ground. Objective data makes researchers tend to favor the second version. However, it should give a little explanation.
Despite the fact that the existence of the mythical Atlantis and Lemuria still remains open, many researchers have no doubt that at some point in the past (about 25-30 thousand years BC) on the Earth was dominated by highly civilization, in many ways surpasses even modern.
A whole series of global disasters (both man-made and astronomical nature), which caused several global floods, glaciation and mass extinction of the biosphere, put an end to domination of this civilization. But some of its members managed to survive the gigantic underground cities built by them in different corners of the planet. This may explain the existence of branched cave systems that extend deep into the earth for miles and not investigated cavers. Official science wrongly ascribes to them is natural, but you can imagine what would look like a modern subway after 20 thousand years. Our descendants would be left only to admire the game of nature, to create such a masterpiece.
Indian sacred tales Mahabharata, the Vedas and a number of sources, describe in detail the disasters occurred on the planet and building underground cities. Garb inaccessible to us the knowledge and high technology has allowed builders to create a man-made caves there is quite tolerable conditions of life with an adjustable constant pressure, temperature and humidity levels. Irreversible changes in the atmosphere at the surface, still influence them, which resulted due to mutations that reduce growth, as well as some changes in their biological “design”.
But, while the ancestors of human &nbsbr; and did everything possible not to deal more with people, existing in a closed underground world, such contacts do occur. Recall: in almost every nation has its myths about the hero, who visited in the afterlife or the spirit world and bounce out unharmed. This ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the Scottish ballad about Alesdere-piper, down into the cave of fairies, and countless medieval Christian legends about knights and saints, went to hell. Researchers believe the mythology that all these stories are based, most likely at the stories of those few people who through crustal faults and caves penetrated into the underground abode of their ancestors, which is referred to the evil forces or to the fabulous creatures such as gnomes and fairies.
Of course, people feel there is no matter: the high pressure could lead to decompression sickness, and representatives of the unfamiliar flora and fauna (relict prehistoric species), not just frightening, and were often deadly for people with the surface. Therefore, all the legends about monsters and dragons that live in caves, have clearly not in a vacuum.
Paradoxically, we are aware of what is happening at a depth of several kilometers beneath our feet, much worse than, say, about the events in the open space at a distance of several light-years from Earth. The maximum depth to which modern man entered the bowels of the earth, -12 kilometers (Kola ultradeep mine), while the radius of the globe is not less than 5000 kilometers. Therefore, nobody can deny the existence of habitable terrestrial voids at a depth of 10, 100 or more kilometers. Theoretically, there may exist a self-contained biosphere with many relict forms of life, familiar only to paleontologists.
Theory and facts
So far, not all scientists agree with the theory of central fire, dominating at one time in the scientific world. According to this theory of nuclear matter and the Earth’s mantle is in a molten state, while the temperature increases every 33 meters as the descent of one degree. No less than supporters of the theory of well-known scientist and occultist XVII century Athanasius Kircher, believes that the globe is a solid body containing a vast emptiness, interconnected channels and filled with water, air and fire.
It is this theory, as well as those close to her theory of John Woodworth received lately more and more evidence. According to geologists, underground water is more than all the oceans, and not all of it is in a bound state, that is only part of the water is included in the composition of minerals and rocks. To date, discovered underground sea, lakes and rivers. Suggested that the ocean water associated with the underground water system and, accordingly, is not only the circulation and exchange of water between them, but an exchange of species. In addition, scientists have discovered some plants that can perform photosynthesis (ie, produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide) in complete darkness. So it is possible that the Loch Ness monster and other monsters, reports of meetings, which regularly appear in the press – they are representatives of the relict fauna, permanently living in the underground seas and accidentally find themselves in the field of view of man.
All these facts not only did not deny, and, conversely, prove the possibility of existence in the bowels of the earth parallel to the anthropomorphic civilization, the technical level of which is ten times greater than human. For one reason or another, they stubbornly avoided meeting with us, and so far they have been successfully managed.
So let’s not rush to declare the myths about children’s stories underground wanderings, and modern evidence and archaeological finds – and idle fancies. Because “there is much in the world, Horatio, that never dreamed of in your philosophy” …

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