Published new detailed photos of a mysterious tribe in the wilds of the Amazon

The press has published new, detailed photos of one of the tribes living in complete isolation in the wilds of the Amazon on the border between Peru and Brazil.
Reportedly, the pictures were taken control of the Brazilian Indian Affairs (FUNAI) and the charity Survival International.
Earlier photos of the tribe already appeared in newspapers, but this time scientists were able to approach as close as possible and make shots from the helicopter, which can be considered one of the families of Indians who were surprised to look at the photographer and aircraft.
The characteristic of this tribe is that they cut off her hair in front and rear left of their length. In addition, male body is painted with red paint. All family members armed with knives, spears and bows.

New photos are also allowed a better penetrate into the life of those indicants. In particular, it is clear that behind them there are baskets of fruit and vegetables, and fish and game, covered with banana leaves. In the community live, according to rough estimates, about 150 people. They are made of metal, such as knives. In addition, researchers have noticed they have a pan.
Scientists, anthropologists have suggested that these people are descendants of slaves, collared during the so-called rubber fever XIX-XX centuries. Slaves were forced to work under intolerable conditions, and some of them managed to escape. They were hiding deep in the wilds of the Amazon, and their descendants live there still.
Human rights activists fear that the Indians in danger and try to attract them to the protection of various governments. The tribe lives on the border between Peru and Brazil, and illegal logging in Peru could cause displacement of tribes, would lead to bloody conflicts over natural resources and land.
In addition, meetings with representatives of the outside world usually end fatally for unknown tribes – the Indians have no immunity to common colds and other common diseases.
In total, according to scientists in the Amazon live 67 tribes that do not have constant contact with the outside world.

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