WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Prize

WikiLeaks site was among the contenders for the Nobel Peace Prize. Resource nominated deputy Norwegian province Trondelag Snorre Valen. About this he wrote in his blog.
Its decision Valen explained that WikiLeaks, publishing information on corruption, war crimes and torture, has played an important role in the fight for human rights. Particularly, he noted the materials on corruption in Tunisia, the disclosure of which played a role in the overthrow of the multi-year dictatorship. Continue reading “WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Prize”

Phenomenological anomalies of the modern world

Experimental observation of events and phenomena, and installation of local relationships between them preceded their explanation in the current scientific understanding of the world.
Science develops abruptly, passing from one paradigm theory to another, more universal and comprehensive. Anomalies, as facts that can not be explained within the existing paradigm, become the engine until it changes, the basis for approval of a new system of knowledge. Continue reading “Phenomenological anomalies of the modern world”

Published new detailed photos of a mysterious tribe in the wilds of the Amazon

The press has published new, detailed photos of one of the tribes living in complete isolation in the wilds of the Amazon on the border between Peru and Brazil.
Reportedly, the pictures were taken control of the Brazilian Indian Affairs (FUNAI) and the charity Survival International.
Earlier photos of the tribe already appeared in newspapers, but this time scientists were able to approach as close as possible and make shots from the helicopter, which can be considered one of the families of Indians who were surprised to look at the photographer and aircraft. Continue reading “Published new detailed photos of a mysterious tribe in the wilds of the Amazon”

Life of Atlantis continues

AtlantisStories of UFOs unidentified flying objects long to heard at all. And what we know about the unidentified underwater objects? At different times, sailors were able to observe “glowing head”, “circles of the devil” and other miraculous phenomena. The records of the researcher Theodore Garda described a phenomenon observed by the crew of the ship “Victoria” 18 June 1845. In the Mediterranean Sea could be seen three luminous disc, which slowly took off to heaven. Disk sizes greater than several times the size of the moon and are interconnected by thin rods illuminated.
Continue reading “Life of Atlantis continues”