Blood-curdling stories about Bigfoot

The science is often the case, – the famous American kriptobiologami and zoologists, among a huge number of forgotten facts and observations collected earlier may unearth information freshest look at you with these items allows you to see something interesting, something they could not understand at the time people that brought these facts into the box learning.
It is to this revision subjected scientist extensive information on the meetings with the mermaids. His article he published in a serious international journal “Limnology and Oceanography, which is published by the American Society of Limnology (ie the science of the lake) and oceanography.
Thus, the tales of humanlike creatures that live in most water bodies are very common, scientists say that so easy to dismiss them. Of course, in literature, folk traditions, the true facts mixed up with superstitions, legends, fantasy game.
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On Google maps found Atlantis?

When surveying the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast on the ocean floor found the line, reminiscent of the street.
Intersection of some lines on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 1000 kilometers from north-west coast of Africa, near the Canary Islands, is very similar to the streets of the city descended into the water. Lines form an almost perfect rectangle area of approximately 20 sq km they were seen as an engineer Google Ocean during the filming of the bottom of the Atlantic.
In the search engine does not conceal the exact location of Atlantis African: 31 degrees 15 minutes 15 seconds north latitude and 24 degrees 15 minutes 30 seconds west longitude.
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Unrest in Egypt – designed by aliens?

EgyptThere are no secret that our planet is flying another planet Nibiru, on the Internet quite a lot of shots, but the authorities are understandably silent, who wants to breed panic and then responsible for everything. Against this background of turmoil in Egypt is clearly not random, niberiytsam that probably my hand and affixed to buildings pyramids clearly need polygon or area for landing, the territory of Egypt, for it comes at an opportune moment, therefore, have been staged riots to bring to power leaders loyal to niberiytsam. Earthlings are not ready for direct contact, so for their sake it would be better if all goes unnoticed for the majority. A fly niberiytsy not just because, first conduct an inspection, and secondly as it became known niberiytsev not satisfied with the current world situation, which impedes progress. We are confident that Egypt is neither the first nor the last, the United States who seek to dominate the world will strongly discourage niberiytsev contact with other people.

Hominoids or mystical extension

Photos of hominoids (and he was even filmed by the camera) make it possible to discern good shape of his head: it is pointed, elongated, cone-shaped. “President sticking shishev”, as they say in the old days. Stunned people at a meeting with hominoids little time to notice, say scientists. Incomprehensible piece looks – head like a cap, is seen as all clear horn.
Generally the word “hell” is cognate with the Russian “yo.” Damn – this is one that a feature of our world view, the other a stranger. For millennia, people called hominoids devil, it seems, unlike us, our ancestors had not raised the question: where to find him where his house?
In those days, when people were much less well off the beaten path and the Beast is much more observant ancestor spotted in the swamp or river brown skin of primates. And, of course, saw them there many times, otherwise he would have fallen out saying “Do not go for Marsh, devil ears obkolotit”, “Still waters run deep”, “The devil on kulichikah (Swarm – a plant) and m n. In the explanatory dictionary by Vladimir Dal, I already counted 69 of proverbs, which show: look for the bar where the forest and swamp.
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Next snowman arrive

Stanca, opriikieve, the Dread gutter (canyon) walks a lot of legends. Vasily Yurevich Yurychko tells of twelve Gordov (barrels) of gold, which the guerrillas hid, and agreed that the treasure dug out only when all will be together again.
However, in Slovakia, on the mountain Vigorlat, where they had another haven, they were attacked by soldiers and one was killed. Therefore, returning back to Stanca, they are not digging up treasure, and went with no money. Do not they have found and “dumb.”
Where is the Giant – no one knows. Even now, after the rains, when the night comes over the mountains, in the terrible trench shine some strange lights.
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One third of Russians believe that the sun – earth satellite

earth Center for Public Opinion Research (VTsIOM) conducted a survey among Russians, according to which 55% of respondents entrusted that radioactivity – a product of human hands, and another 32% believed that the sun revolves around the Earth.
The study also showed that 46% of Russians believe that antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria. 29% think that early humans lived in the same epoch with the dinosaurs, while 26% believe that the laser works by focusing sound waves.
Among other scientific fallacies of Russians – the belief that genes determine the sex of the baby mothers – 20% and that the Earth makes a complete revolution around the sun for one month – 14%. 18% Russian denies that electrons are smaller than atoms, and 17% did not believe that today people have evolved from earlier species of human.
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Internet users are willing to believe in different stuff in the network

networkU.S. scientists have found that people’s confidence in the information published on the Internet, is surprisingly high and if this does not decrease with time. Amazingly, the researchers believe: people have virtually no skills filtering false information on the web.
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Alien Internet Access superpoiskovik

Search engines or search engines on the World Wide Web are very different: from the most sensitive to a wide profile case.. On specific user requests, consisting of one or two words, search engines form the list of requested Web pages on which there are words that come to these requests.
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Social networking a modern form of insanity

Professor Sherry Turkle of MIT wrote a book called Alone Together (Joint loneliness”). In it, she convinces readers that the way people are desperately looking for social networking, there is nothing like a modern form of madness. The more active are people in the virtual world, the more confident you can put him to the diagnosis.
“Conduct which was quite typical for most people, can still express the issues that once made us see it as something abnormal,” – the author writes. In addition, according to Professor Turkle, sites like social networks isolate people from the real world and from each other under the guise, strangely enough, communication. “Technology robs people real human interaction! – She exclaims. – We invented the impressive technology, but now they weaken us. ”
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The laws of nature – the mystic or reality?

natureSometimes we try to save the world, to help anyone in need. If you try to do it, you Transferring with reality is not on the road.
Transferring reality brings to any person a sense of heightened attention to self and trying to develop in man a sense of normalcy to the entire pofigizma okruzhayuschemu. Eto, of course, is not very pleased with pendulums, and they are struggling to impose upon us the feeling that we are always “somebody something should be. ”
Friends, do not need to expend their energy on a pendulum, or the problems of other people.
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