Mysterious twins

A year ago in Prague, there was a wild case, which many European newspapers wrote. Under the wheels of the tram number 22 killed a man whose identity is set and failed. Mystery of this incident lies in the fact that the victim was like two peas similar to a tram driver, 47-year-old Jiri Gloubeka. Post-mortem tests showed that the accident victim with Gloubekom same blood type, body structure. In fact Pan Gloubek knocked down at the bus stop at the Petrin hill its absolute counterpart. Of course, since a poor driver had no other purpose than to find relatives of this person, find out who he is and from where. And most importantly – why they were so similar. However, the tragic mystery is not solved: the deceased were not carrying documents and tags on clothing. Nobody was looking lost family members; none of the embassy had no information about the missing tourist. The victim was allegedly out of nowhere came under the wheels of the tram to the same instant to give up life. But he was not a ghost, not a phantom, but a living man of flesh and blood, albeit without a name. According to Czech law buried him six months later, as an unknown. At the funeral, attended by one person – the same driver of the tram.

And here the other day from Prague came the tragic news. Jiri Gloubek could not stand the load of experiences after the tragic accident, died suddenly of a heart attack – exactly one year after the death of his twin. Shortly before his death, as if anticipating the demise of an ambulance, he mentioned in his conversation with his wife that he wanted to be buried “next to each other.”
On the Phenomenon of the Prague twins, and the phenomenon of duality browser “M-E” speaks with a PhD, a psychologist, a collector of these cases, Philip Rostovtsev.
– What was this in Prague?
– It’s rare booked a case that proves that the phenomenon of duality exists. In the case remained a verbal portrait of the victim, the victim postmortem photos and pictures of the driver’s blood and DNA. Not only that both men were the same age, so even an autopsy showed the presence of both of the same health problems. As a result, we know almost everything about the body of the deceased, but do not know anything about his personality. All this suggests that we are not dealing with a man in the fullest sense of the word, with its twin. Moreover, we have the case where a man’s ways and his twin tragically crossed.
– Where did this double driver? Did not appear out of thin air, he?
– There are various theories about the duality – the materialization of the astral bodies to the formation of the so-called loop time when people can meet on the street itself from the past or the future. I have a whole shelf of serious and okolonauchnyh books on this subject, so that in a nutshell, we do not clarify this issue. Most theorists are trying to describe the duality as a form of mental disorder. Fans of paranormal phenomena, by contrast, hit in the materialization of spirits, writing about the intersecting worlds and the like.
– There are other cases, except for Prague?
– I know of at least four documented cases in which people met with his counterpart physically exist. No phantom, not a ghost, but a living human being, and for example to walk away is not necessary. Five years ago in one of Minsk mental hospital was taken to the examination of a man, a bum. It was found by police at the station, picked up, tried to establish his identity and to conduct an interrogation. However, he stared senselessly at the sides, did not respond to questions and generally gave the impression of a mentally ill person. After a while he was in hospital for a checkup. And then something happened phenomenon! When a bum shaved, shorn and washed the dirt, it became clear that he – the absolute double of department head a psychiatric examination of Dr. N.
Imagine the reaction of fifty distinguished psychiatrist, materialist and atheist, which led to the examination of his own replica, though twin brother, suffering from amnesia. Doctor and patient looking at each other like a mirror, but on the face of the homeless is not reflected any emotion, and the doctor moved after this meeting, hypertensive crisis, he was so impressed.
– Have something to find out?
– Meetings of the doctor with his counterpart lasted about a week. During this time the doctor began his own investigation, and even raised the archives of the Leningrad hospital № 2, where in 1949 he came into the world will discover traces of a twin brother. A week later, two criminals, recidivists committed a night flight from the department of psychiatric examination, together with them in the House was gone, and the double doctor. Those fugitives then caught a twin is not found.
And finding no resolution of the mysteries, Dr. N. died of a stroke six months after these events.
– And he, too? Then it turns out that these twins – the harbingers of death?
– Not always. According to my file cabinet are cases where people have met the twins on the eve of the big changes in life, serious illness or, conversely, career highs. Two other cases, when the phenomenon of twins documented, were in France and Australia.
In France 12 years ago there was a major rail disaster. One of the victims in the hospital was notified that his twin brother, who was riding in another car, died. A passenger tried to explain that he had no brother, but doctors still persuaded him to come to the morgue for identification. Imagine the human condition, which shows a corpse, and in it he finds himself!
The identity of the deceased, by the way, installs and failed, who had come from and where its twin, the surviving passengers still do not know. But now he is – one of the directors of the largest French bank Credit Agricole is alive and well. Almost the same case was in Sydney. He, too, ended tragically for a double and went without any consequences for humans. However, the time to explain in terms of: “man” – a person with the name and passport, and a “twin” – this is absolutely similar to the “rights” that person, personality, and whose origin is unknown to us.
– And a lot of twins exist in the world?
– Same question to which there is no clear answer. Stories about the meeting with the twins set. On the Internet, I found more than a thousand stories of different people about how they saw their double, tried to catch up, talk, get to know him. Some managed to talk, but continued dating should never have. Home riddle twins not only where they come from, but also to disappear.
– So still a lot of them?
– I think that you can build a kind of pyramid. Four documented cases, nearly a hundred video clips that I know of twins, and thousands of stories, not supported by such evidence. From all this it follows that the world is experiencing tens of thousands of unsung people meet with their counterparts.
From this I conclude that if we were closer, if every man, met his counterpart, would poreshitelnee, then the puzzle we have already discovered. In addition, we should always remember that the meeting with his double will change your life. And no one knows in which direction.

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