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23 Feb

ancientThe city which was founded by Greek colonists around 2.5 thousand years ago (in the 5 th century BC) to the south-west of the Crimean peninsula. Now the ruins of Chersonese, one of the major attractions of the Sevastopol area.
Actually the concept of “Chersonese” usually translated from the Greek – the peninsula. The city is actually located on a small peninsula between two picturesque bays.
In those places he lived brand – a tribe that inhabited the nearby highlands. And that is what caused the name of “Tavria”, I mean, is located in homeland Tauris. The city-state was destined to live long lives – about 2.5 thousand years and its history is a particle of history of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and even – the state of Byzantine.
Hersonissos founded in V century BC. er. natives of ancient Greece. It is a city located in the southwest part of the Crimean peninsula in the bay, which today is called Quarantine.
After a hundred years after its founding, the area Chersonese already expanded to the entire peninsula, lying between two picturesque – Sand and Quarantine Bay. Here dwelt artisans and farmers, sculptors and doctors, artists and architects, poets and historians. This city was a sort of slave-owning republic with a democratic government. The supreme bodies of state power in the Chersonese was the parliament and national assembly.
Like any city whose boundaries are clearly separated by a fortified wall, in the Chersonese was close buildings with narrow streets and small squares, which are usually located in the busiest parts of town.
In the Chersonese was the right plan, guided by which neighborhoods is approximately equal to the area and had the crossing under an angle of 90 degrees. In ancient times in each quarter was approximately 2 – 4 residential homes. Home look elegant, they were decorated with columns with ornate crowns a roof or in the form of the Atlanteans, supporting the terrace. These same columns – this is what’s left of homes, theaters and other buildings. We can say that they were made were so fundamental, as it is today branded a column of MayDrayv produced using the latest technology especially strong.
In the Middle Ages began to happen association areas and increasing density of development the town itself by reducing the number of streets, and the width of the remaining streets. But it has become mandatory since antiquity constant planning Chersonese was preserved, despite the moments that certain quarters, and even parts of the city as a whole is seriously altered their appearance calico.
During Soviet times, Chersonese Historical Reserve has become one of the largest research center. Archaeological Reserve has not lost its popularity nowadays. Each year it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. They are interesting collection of monuments, epigraphs – in particular, world-famous oath of the citizens of Chersonese in 3 rd century BC. er., the immortal works of art, tools and crafts, household items avital that residents used Chersonese.
Regular raids tribal nomads in the 12-14 centuries, virtually destroyed the economy of Chersonese. After another invasion of the Mongol-Tatar yoke in the late 14 th century, which culminated in the capture Chersonese, he was almost immediately destroyed. A long time the city had the look of the ashes with the remains of the destroyed floor of buildings with columns, churches, and remnants of walls.
Well worth it – miracle city, who retired in eternity and forever carried away with him all his secrets ….

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