Life of Atlantis continues

AtlantisStories of UFOs unidentified flying objects long to heard at all. And what we know about the unidentified underwater objects? At different times, sailors were able to observe “glowing head”, “circles of the devil” and other miraculous phenomena. The records of the researcher Theodore Garda described a phenomenon observed by the crew of the ship “Victoria” 18 June 1845. In the Mediterranean Sea could be seen three luminous disc, which slowly took off to heaven. Disk sizes greater than several times the size of the moon and are interconnected by thin rods illuminated.

In 1963, sailors of the U.S. military ships that were on maneuvers off the coast of Puerto Rico for four days could see a strange object, which moved over the water with great speed and stop it no one can.
Four years later, 20 July 1967 off the coast of Brazil, the Argentine vessel noticed the shiny object of a cigar shape, 105-110 feet long. The object emitted a powerful blue-white glow. About a quarter of an hour he was moving along the ship, then dived under the water and disappeared.
In February 1977 the crew of the Soviet cruise liner “Anton Makarenko” were reported “rain dance”. Judging by the entries in the logbook, the water appeared luminous spots, whose number is constantly increasing. Then he spots lined up 6-8 meters wide, thus highlighting the horizon of water, and began smooth and slow circular motion light spots.
Exactly the same “dance” community observed the crew of the scientific ship Akademik Vorobyov “in the Arabian Sea in 1976. The team saw a glowing spot radius of 200 meters, which rotates counter-clockwise, is divided into parts. Sounder directly under the keel of the vessel reported the presence of a mass.
Tricks of “water” described in his notes, and Thor Heyerdahl during his trip to the Kon-Tiki. Repeatedly around the raft suddenly appeared round glowing balls with a diameter of 60-70 cm, which suddenly flared up and looked like light bulbs.
Explain all these phenomena cannot be so far, none. By hypothesis, scientists Adams and Jenkins on the sea floor inhabited by intelligent beings, which are adapted to high pressure and low temperatures. According to ancient legend, it poseydontsy (creatures of the seas and oceans) were the educators of human civilization. Under assumptions of HG Wells came from the seas were a strange animal with a purple head of a chameleon, a high forehead and a huge skull. The head, which was in an upright position, gave a distant resemblance to the man. However, the discussion about beauty – it is conditional concept. It is possible that octopuses and dolphins believe people such as freaks.
It is said that inhabitants of Atlantis poseydontsam must produce scientific knowledge. One of the new hypothesis put forward by the representative from Dnepropetrovsk, Nina S., stated that it had received information from space aliens on the basis of a mythical superpower called Attsor.
Subsequently, having knowledge, they predicted the emergency destruction of their civilization, and therefore built a dwelling on the ocean floor. After moving into their new home, they live there today. And what we see above the water – it is nothing like their probes, called the unknown underwater objects.

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