Life as a calendar of events and their joys.

calendarProject 12-month calendar has always been very timely. Opponents calendar points to another significant shortcoming of his. In their view, the presence of the thirteenth month will make a lot of confusion in the calculus for various historical dates and for a long time can lead to all sorts of harmful effects. Therefore, they put forward a draft of another calendar year in which, as at present, would consist of twelve months.
This calendar includes the most important features:
1. The year is divided into 2 half-year: for 182 days or 4 quarter from 91 a day in each.

2. Each quarter consists of three months, with the first month of the quarter has 31 days, while the remaining 2 months – 30 days.
3. The first number is the year always falls on Sunday.
4. Since the number of days in a quarter (91) divided by the number of days a week (7) without a remainder, then each quarter has exactly 13 weeks.
5. Each quarter begins on Sunday and ends Saturday.
6. Each month, 26 working days. In the USSR, with the exception of only those months, which accounts for our holidays: January 1, March 8, 1, 2 and May 9, 7 and 8 November and 5 December. In other countries, obviously, will have its own system of national holidays.
Since the 4 quarters for 91 day for 364 days each form, it is necessary, as in calendar year to add a single day, and leap years for two days. Both of these days should not be a day not “New Delhi or months. The first of these can be inserted annually after December 30 and celebrated as an international holiday Day of Peace and Friendship of Peoples, and the second additional day – once in 4 years, after June 30, the day will be a leap year day. The structure of the new calendar clearly expressed in its logo.
The big advantage of this project compared to calendar is also a fact that in the year it is divided into equal half of the year and quarter. Some advantage of the new twelve-month calendar is the fact that he is familiar to us than the calendar.

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