Geomantic zones of Kiev

ZonesScientists to the public were presented as a map of geopathic zones of Kiev and Ukraine. Under geopathogenic zones mean energy geo-active sites that have on the human body in both positive and negative effects.
You’ve probably already had interest mystical episode big bang theory . It differs from other series online. Remember the endless legends of cursed place on the highway – and in reality – under these most highways are tectonic faults, which are peculiar effect on people, says Vladimir Tsybko.
And although the detailed analytics – in what area of the capital and more of these most geopathic zones, and where they are smaller – yet do not have all the same laws hold.

In buildings that are on these faults, a larger number of people suffering from cancer, cardio-vascular system. Is there something mystical here – the science is not yet known, but geophysicists found a completely rational explanation – it’s just increased radioactivity.
In the basement, located close to the fault zone, actively accumulated radon, it is the density of a heavier than air and does not totally erode. Accordingly, it is clear that on the first floor and basement of the house there is a danger to the health of people living here.
Geopathogenic zones referred to parts of the earth surface, which is determined by the presence of certain unknown to science, geological and geodetic phenomena which adversely affect the health and general health of people and animals and certain types of plants.
In public sources can be found mention that geopathic zone – this place is the deviation from the norms of any operation: power lines, mobile station, any household appliances. After an active electromagnetic radiation has a detrimental impact on the human body – particularly in the bloodstream, lymphatic system and the production of nerve impulses and is more sensitive to any magnetic fields of central nervous system of humans and animals.
Church, according to the compiler of maps – a place of positive anomalies. Negative magnetic background – are three cemeteries in Kiev. If the churchyard presumably located at the fault – it’s science we explain the fact that the temples in a positive magnetic background are still a mystery to scholars. Indeed, for unknown reasons, historically people since ancient times felt where better to settle and build a structure of worship and faith…

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