Encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence will not

21 Feb

Man is doomed to loneliness in the universe, and a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence will not be – either now or in the future – says a leading astronomer at Harvard University, Howard Smith.
He believes that the chances that there is at least one planet similar to Earth are negligible. Astronomers have found some 500 planets in other star systems, but most of them are very close to its sun, or, conversely, is too far away from him. And so it is unbearably hot or cold.
Some planets rotate on an elongated orbit – this means that the temperature is changing so rapidly that they can not be water, without which the origin of life.

Professor Howard Smith suggested that even if an alien intelligence yet born, to establish contact with him will not succeed.
At Harvard, sure: extraterrestrial beings can be searched within a maximum of three hundred thousand light years, otherwise the signal is simply not reach the addressee. To earthlings got an answer, we need another century.
Report of the Harvard University professor contradicts the theory of another scientist, Stephen Hawking, who last year said that aliens exist, but we should avoid contact with them .

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