Mysterious twins

A year ago in Prague, there was a wild case, which many European newspapers wrote. Under the wheels of the tram number 22 killed a man whose identity is set and failed. Mystery of this incident lies in the fact that the victim was like two peas similar to a tram driver, 47-year-old Jiri Gloubeka.… Read more Mysterious twins

Encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence will not

Man is doomed to loneliness in the universe, and a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence will not be – either now or in the future – says a leading astronomer at Harvard University, Howard Smith. He believes that the chances that there is at least one planet similar to Earth are negligible. Astronomers have found some… Read more Encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence will not

Geomantic zones of Kiev

Scientists to the public were presented as a map of geopathic zones of Kiev and Ukraine. Under geopathogenic zones mean energy geo-active sites that have on the human body in both positive and negative effects. You’ve probably already had interest mystical episode big bang theory . It differs from other series online. Remember the endless… Read more Geomantic zones of Kiev