Miracle first – Foros Lighthouse

In 332 – 331 gg BC Alexander of Macedon founded the capital of Hellenistic Egypt, Alexandria. Here is the famous Alexandria musseyon – one of the major scientific and cultural centers of the ancient world, and if it is not less than the famous library of Alexandria, in which there were, almost the 700,000 volumes of Greek and Oriental books. Alexandria was the richest city in his time. Many wonderful buildings were erected in Alexandria. They owned and Alexandria lighthouse on a rocky island Foros near the Nile delta. Continue reading “Miracle first – Foros Lighthouse”

Riddle of the underworld.

Whether there is a civilization, hidden away in the depths of the earth? Many people remember a great novel by Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Two scientists, guided by a medieval manuscript, sent through the crater of an extinct volcano to the center of the Earth and discover &nbsbr; in the bowels of the whole world, enclosed in a giant cave. But if the creative genius of famed science fiction writer anticipated many discoveries and accomplishments of our time (submarines, flying to the moon), then, perhaps, and this time he became the harbinger of a sensational discovery, which is able to completely overturn our understanding of Earth and about the basic biology laws. Continue reading “Riddle of the underworld.”

Miracle of the sixth – the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

At 90 kilometers from Baghdad, are the ruins of Babylon. The ancient city had long ceased to exist, but even today the ruins testify to its grandeur. “Great city … a strong city,” – said about this town in the Bible. In the VII century BC Babylon was the largest and richest city of the Ancient Orient. Many amazing buildings were in Babylon, but the most striking hanging gardens of the royal palace and gardens that have become legend. Continue reading “Miracle of the sixth – the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”

Mysterious twins

A year ago in Prague, there was a wild case, which many European newspapers wrote. Under the wheels of the tram number 22 killed a man whose identity is set and failed. Mystery of this incident lies in the fact that the victim was like two peas similar to a tram driver, 47-year-old Jiri Gloubeka. Post-mortem tests showed that the accident victim with Gloubekom same blood type, body structure. In fact Pan Gloubek knocked down at the bus stop at the Petrin hill its absolute counterpart. Of course, since a poor driver had no other purpose than to find relatives of this person, find out who he is and from where. And most importantly – why they were so similar. However, the tragic mystery is not solved: the deceased were not carrying documents and tags on clothing. Nobody was looking lost family members; none of the embassy had no information about the missing tourist. The victim was allegedly out of nowhere came under the wheels of the tram to the same instant to give up life. But he was not a ghost, not a phantom, but a living man of flesh and blood, albeit without a name. According to Czech law buried him six months later, as an unknown. At the funeral, attended by one person – the same driver of the tram.
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Life on other planets in our galaxy is!

The fact that we found so many planets the candidates in this tiny part of the sky – our galaxy allows us to provide: in our galaxy there are innumerable planets orbiting solar-type stars, – said the chief scientific investigator of the mission, William Borutski. – We started with the planets, which exceed the size of the Earth up to 68 times, and with 54 candidates who have a “zone of life” and some of them may have a moon and liquid water. ”
System, Kepler-11 “a distance of about 2,000 light years from Earth, is the most densely filled planetary system, which showed so far. All six of the confirmed planets have orbits smaller than Venus, and five out of six have orbits smaller than Mercury. Continue reading “Life on other planets in our galaxy is!”

Miracle – a piece of ancient Greece ..

ancientThe city which was founded by Greek colonists around 2.5 thousand years ago (in the 5 th century BC) to the south-west of the Crimean peninsula. Now the ruins of Chersonese, one of the major attractions of the Sevastopol area.
Actually the concept of “Chersonese” usually translated from the Greek – the peninsula. The city is actually located on a small peninsula between two picturesque bays. Continue reading “Miracle – a piece of ancient Greece ..”

Yeti in the real world. History witnesses

Late autumn. Buchko rung on the sheet. Showered and elm, and maple. Over a cliff just alder was still green. In the air, circled the first white bee. And sat on primorozhennyh mugs.
Greener blackberries. For sheep, blackberries, even in winter – an indispensable food. Get a string of green under the snow, just crunches. Napasetsya cow, sheep and find their own food. Therefore, rural Yugas (shepherds) earlier in the winter does not surpass the sheep in a stall, and staged the so-called Szalasi. It was such Zaruba. Original units, fencing, where slept the herd. Zaruba steady, high to an animal could not reach. Sami herdsmen camped under the well-equipped huts. It was not. certainly looks like a comfortable stay in a hotel, a hotel , but it looked pretty well and it was quite livable. Such Szalasi was once a village in the mountains with a dozen. Typically, they arranged in secret places, hidden in the folds of the mountains to avoid walking on them evil poloninskie wind.
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Life as a calendar of events and their joys.

calendarProject 12-month calendar has always been very timely. Opponents calendar points to another significant shortcoming of his. In their view, the presence of the thirteenth month will make a lot of confusion in the calculus for various historical dates and for a long time can lead to all sorts of harmful effects. Therefore, they put forward a draft of another calendar year in which, as at present, would consist of twelve months.
This calendar includes the most important features:
1. The year is divided into 2 half-year: for 182 days or 4 quarter from 91 a day in each.
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Encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence will not

Man is doomed to loneliness in the universe, and a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence will not be – either now or in the future – says a leading astronomer at Harvard University, Howard Smith.
He believes that the chances that there is at least one planet similar to Earth are negligible. Astronomers have found some 500 planets in other star systems, but most of them are very close to its sun, or, conversely, is too far away from him. And so it is unbearably hot or cold.
Some planets rotate on an elongated orbit – this means that the temperature is changing so rapidly that they can not be water, without which the origin of life.
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Geomantic zones of Kiev

ZonesScientists to the public were presented as a map of geopathic zones of Kiev and Ukraine. Under geopathogenic zones mean energy geo-active sites that have on the human body in both positive and negative effects.
You’ve probably already had interest mystical episode big bang theory . It differs from other series online. Remember the endless legends of cursed place on the highway – and in reality – under these most highways are tectonic faults, which are peculiar effect on people, says Vladimir Tsybko.
And although the detailed analytics – in what area of the capital and more of these most geopathic zones, and where they are smaller – yet do not have all the same laws hold.
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