Things to do in Ban Pong, Thailand

ThailandA lot of love enjoyed tours to Thailand. Every year more and more fellow travels there to relax. It is not surprising, because Thailand – a “diagnosis”. Today, tours to Asia are the real hit of the season. Where is the cleanest sea? In Thailand. Where the most beautiful scenery? In Thailand. Which always welcomes guests? In Thailand. And in some place in Thailand you will not rest – in Phuket or Pattaya, Ban Pong, wherever you meet funny and hospitable people, and an unforgettable holiday.
Having gone on holiday to Thailand, you will receive an unforgettable experience. In the travel agent can book a room, you can choose a tour with the Russian-speaking guide, and book flights. And if you do not want the noise, bustle, want more to be alone with nature, you can quietly go to rest in any town, such as Ban Pong, where about 57,000 residents. The city is surrounded by green parks, anywhere just a sea of flowers. In the city and in the immediate surrounding five good hotels with artificial ponds and beaches. And what’s the air! And if you wish, if you take the train or bus, you can always go to Pattaya.

Thailand – exotic country. And so the local customs, traditions and codes of conduct there too unusual. And if you do not want to be trapped, still need to travel to meet them, and then you’ll feel confident and comfortable. According to Russian tradition, to feel sorry for a man to pat his head. In Thailand, all the way around. According to Thai belief, the spirit of protecting human life, is in his head, so the head is considered sacred and it can neither touch nor pat or ruffled his hair. Touching the head of Thai, you will cause him to insult.
The majority of Thai women with conservative and therefore touch them without their consent is also perceived as an insult. In Ban Pong people cheerful, friendly. They live in quiet and in balance with nature, refer to the entire filosofski.Esli you are looking for tours to Thailand for a beach holiday, the Ban Pong – that’s what you need.
There is another from the Thai tradition, which makes many puzzling. In Ban Pong believe that their homes guarded by spirits – guardians of the home, and so for them they build small houses on a daily basis and make offerings in the form of fruits and sweets, that spirits are not angry. If the spirit is satisfied, then he will take grief.
All hotels Ban Pong service at the highest level, but despite this, misunderstandings can occur. There are tipping, and if you leave money on the table or in a “secret place”, the cleaning lady will think that it’s money for her and take them. It is better to keep money and passport in a safe. Lockers available at all hotels in Thailand.
Rest in Ban Pong – is primarily a beach holiday, communion with nature. The charm of this country’s historic cities and national parks, as well as in the original kitchen. Attract tourists sandy beaches, steep cliffs, caves with dark volcanic sand, small bays and coves with crystal clear water. At the hotel also have beaches with good infrastructure. On the beach there are umbrellas, special reclining chairs, changing booths installed. At the hotel there are restaurants, cafes and bars where you can get a light snack or lunch tightly.
Hotels in Ban Pong are a whole holiday complexes. Nearly every hotel arranged for a car parking – paid and free, the car can be rented. For children there are game rooms, playgrounds, swimming pools. Adult tennis courts, playgrounds, you can rent scuba gear, water ski or water bike, go windsurfing. There is extreme fun, like a parachute.
It offers a spa, beauty and massage rooms, where besides the usual, you can get a traditional Thai massage. This is a completely painless procedure, although massage is done without any oil for two hours.
And this is not a complete list of entertainment and services that make your stay pleasant and rich. A person characterized by intellectual curiosity. Discover this friendly, wonderful country with a rich history and culture. By visiting this mysterious country, you meet new Thai customs and traditions. By the way, here you can choose the tours and holidays in Vietnam . Since the latter is located in the neighborhood.

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