The terrible secret of the USSR and Stalin

09 Jan

In those, I still seem to recent times dreary oblivion of the great achievements of the past, in those hitherto unknown time when the mysterious secrets of the past become the property of “all public” and the ideal of past world powers do not just have collapsed and the correction – some even contempt In those more recent times, when collapsed and wrecked ideals of the state still in serious vain attempts are born, or can be cured by prolonged illness a new, weak and almost defenseless against the same opponents and threats to the state.
Perhaps it was this interesting information would some of us comfort, some – the explanation of many obscure and sometimes inexplicable facts, or even serious support.
I must say to all my readers that it is such a great desire was the reason to write this little review.
Those terrible facts, which were called impersonal “it” and who “it” exists in our days ogroinoe number of photos, carefully focused, using cameras olympus , or other lower-quality cameras, either made by shaking hands on a cheap mobile phones maybe is the latest and great mystery of the Soviet Union, so carefully concealed that to this day one can hardly find standing facts or documented mention of them.

What scientists know about them and, in particular, I was just a coincidence or rather the depth of nature. Although, if you think about it seriously, it is possible to call it – disorder, which was inherent to all our compatriots, and, most likely, is part of the national character. You can then use as basis for my simple curiosity, which tried to prigasit subscribed to disclose who had given during his service in the Armed Forces of the USSR, and a small tendency to analytics and systematization.
But the major, although indirect evidence of a bit later, and now – a slight digression:
Most recently, on some television channels showed an interview with Valery Buldakova, a man close to Sergei Korolev. He spoke little, but essentially he told some interesting facts.
In 1947, Korolev was urgently summoned to the Kremlin. In the office, where he was placed on the table lay an enormous number of documents: newspaper materials, coded messages, photographs, printed materials, which were devoted to issues of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). After all, as it was known, during the Great Patriotic War, all the warring parties have been fixed are not isolated cases of invasion and active interaction between the UFO.
Sergei Korolev was asked to meet with them, but not leaving this room. Korolev did not come out of the office for three days.
When he completed his materials, he was invited into the office of Comrade Stalin, and he was asked that the King thinks about all this. Sergei Korolev said that unidentified flying objects, not a weapon of significant neighbor-enemy, but simply a very interesting phenomenon and requires a comprehensive study it, especially now, when our science will go and will actively work outside the atmosphere.
After this, Stalin asked the question, do not put a question about external threats, and whether this phenomenon is an unknown work of human hands, in that the Queen had been firmly answered no.
For Sergei Korolev this episode ended without serious consequences, at least, information about the continuation of such meetings or conversations I have not been found.

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