Signs of the Zodiac moved for a month

18 Jan

People are deluded about their zodiac sign, says astronomer from Minnesota Kunkle Park. For example, if you believe that your sign – Pisces, it might actually turn out to be ordinary Aries.
Scientists explain this error so that the axis of the planet shifted over the millennia, gradually adjusting the ecliptic passing through the 12 zodiacal constellations.
According to the scientist, the lunar gravity, causing axial “oscillation” of the Earth, has caused the displacement of the ecliptic for about a month, the statement said the scientist, uploaded on his blog. Thus, modern astrological data in fact may be relevant only to the ancient Babylonians.
“Due to changes in the Earth’s axis tilt, the sun passes through the constellations of the zodiac differently than it was 3000 years ago, when people began to study the night sky,” – said Kunkle.

Astronomer emphasizes that his study is not shaking the foundations of the firmament, but only human concepts. In fact, changes in the celestial spheres have been a very long time, but no one was taken into account.
In the light of new data value gets an unexpected so-called 13th zodiac sign Zmeenosets which astrologers attached special importance, considering that a person born under this sign has infernal characteristics. Sun, before being in the constellation Sagittarius, passes through the constellation Ophiuchus. But since the constellations of the zodiac to be 12, the number of months a year in its calculations of horoscopes is not included.
In accordance with the reasoning of the American astronomer who is now a place of fictitious zodiac signs of Scorpio will, because the passage through this constellation the Sun was taken just a few days a year.
Signs of the Zodiac: common date / version Kunkle in 2011
Capricorn: 22.12-20.01 / 20.01-16.02
Aquarius: 21.01-20.02 / 16.02-11.03
Fish: 21.02-20.03 / 11.03-18.04
Aries: 21.03-20.04 / 18.04-13.05
Taurus: 21.04-20.05 / 13.05-21.06
Gemini: 21.05-21.06 / 21.06-20.07
Cancer: 22.06-22.07 / 20.07-10.08
Leo: 23.07-23.08 / 10.08-16.09
Virgo: 24.08-23.09 / 16.09-30.10
Libra: 24.09-23.10 / 30.10-23.11
Scorpio: 24.10-22.11 / 23.11-29.11
Zmeenosets: 16.11-21.11 / 29.11-17.12
Sagittarius: 23.11-21.12 / 17.12-20.01

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