Mystical realities or the end of civilization.

01 Jan

When there is a global catastrophe. of which is spoken by all the minds of all people?
The process has already begun, the crisis started, it is in full swing. World government would have to cover this crisis, and he is covered in this case as soon as World War I, World War II, is now being actively preparing for the third.
Need to save a dollar, but to save him, you need to organize some disasters? In their hands they have a very powerful weapon, there’s even a geophysical, not to mention nuclear weapons. Most likely, serious events in the U.S. will soon take place, and they are to us in Russia will actively move. Our territory is being prepared for occupation, the names of all cities. Rivers and settlements are duplicated in English. All nationalist movements are very harshly suppressed.

Destroyed by the army, but developed by the police.
You watched the movie “The World and then as a premonition?” There’s sea level rises of 8 meters without melting ice in Greenland and other Arctic continents. Somehow all the port cities will be flooded, but because 80% of the world’s cargo transportation refers specifically to waterways, it is the end of civilization.
This is one of the levers, which applies the universe against the technocratic progress.
One way or another civilization will be destroyed. Earthquakes, changing geomagnetic poles, as now – the northern geomagnetic pole are drifting toward Canada. In the future, will form a new ice dome and around it has, accordingly, begin to form new geomagnetic zones.
Accordingly, there may be fluctuations in temperature throughout. Climate in Russia will not change significantly. just a little warmer. But there are a variety of extreme situations, as a kind of exams , appointed by God for us.
Suppose a solar flare, which for centuries marked a epidemic, war, ie, these most outbreaks have a tremendous impact on human consciousness. Moreover, the impact on different people is absolutely the opposite. One of us zateet war, another will begin, on the contrary, enlightens.
But God forbid that the Enlightenment was still more. But clearly we know, and know it and scientists, and esoterica, and the Vedas, that after this examination the day of Svarog and after that day comes 10,000 years to improve on our beloved planet Earth.


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