Lenin was shot for rape

19 Jan

90 years ago in Moscow at the factory Michelson was an attempt on Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who tried to shoot eserka Fanny Kaplan.
Until recently considered several versions of a failed assassination. Now the General Prosecutor’s Office officially closed the case, insisting on a single version. In the process of investigation were opened in impressive detail of family life suicide.
A statement written by Fanny Kaplan, discovered in the archives of the KGB, which was kept there until 1934, was made public. In the statement, Kaplan said of the reasons her to shoot the leader of the October Revolution.

In the statement, Kaplan acknowledges that without the aid of any political and other forces planned and organized the attack on Lenin. This attack, which it calls terrorist attack, was not associated with politics.
Author of the declaration states that, in fact, Lenin – the father of its physiological, who committed sexual abuse by her mother at the safe house, and she has clear evidence of this.

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