In searching for the causes of mass death of birds and animals

22 Jan

massIn the news began to appear frequently reported an unexplained mass deaths of birds and marine life (aquatic). On the Internet, even appeared Cards compiled by enthusiasts.
As a possible cause of death of birds in the press often predlagayutsya such as:
1. “Fireworks”. It is unlikely by itself and in the past have never led to mass death.
2. “Hit with a blunt object.” From the same series, where have you seen the bird several hundreds rushed to the car and even simultaneously in different countries? Obviously, the injuries received after falling and hitting the ground with perhaps unconscious, or at the time of death throes, there is also evidence that the birds before the death of rushing randomly hit the trees and houses.

3. “Poisoning from pollution of the environment by man” and “viral infection”. Just so that it is doubtful poisoning or disease led to sudden death in the air simultaneously across the pack. In this case, the birds, feeling unwell, probably not up to the sky, and would die on the ground.

4. “It has always been.” Ostensibly because of the appearance of a large number of people have camera phones, etc. Internet has become more exposed to such information. As evidence of a link to a site monitoring of such cases in the U.S. with the statistics of 100 cases over the past 8 months. Here we openly led by the nose. This move has been made, based on an inattentive reader, because:

– The number of these messages start to grow it in the 2010th, which in other disasters has established too many records for one year;

– 100 cases in 8 months to 13 cases a month, and now we have 16 cases in the U.S. last week, which is 5 times more;

– In the above statistics in almost all cases, the cause of death was established (as a rule – a disease) and death of animals occurred gradually, over weeks or more, and we’re talking about mass-stage death of the cause of which could not be established.

So, for the reason that, in our opinion, none of these reasons do not withstand criticism, portal visitors OKO planet “was conducted an independent investigation into the possible causes, with results which we want to introduce you.

The death of the inhabitants of the water depth

Boris Kapochkin: “On the death of fish – was an expert and have a few publications. The death of aquatic organisms (mass) usually occurs on the phase of intense stretching, which is on the compression phase will certainly somewhere accompanied by earthquakes. In this case, the unusual earthquakes occur in Arkansas.

Typically, the mass death of fish, the so-called “Zamora”, is due to release of the lithosphere of reactive fluids in reduced form (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, …) that leads to the chemical oxygen demand, dissolved in water (lakes, seas, rivers less).

Such a phenomenon I have observed on the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula during the salmon spawning in 1992 and 1993. In those years, in connection with the above process of dissolved oxygen concentration in Avacha Bay dropped below 2 ml / l, resulting in salmon did not enter into the rivers to spawn.

In 1995 and 1996 in the basins of the Danube and the Dniester was fixed synchronous death of fish. An interesting case of mass death of fish in lakes and Ialpug Kurulguy (Danube region). Killed thousands of tons of fish, and only one type of “carp” – Artificial invader. In the waters of the lake revealed the presence of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen deficiency, respectively. Insufficient oxygen concentration was detrimental to one species and inadequate for another.

Incidentally the name El Niño was originally meant only the mass destruction of anchovy off the coast of Peru and Chile as a result of the selection of crustal sulfide. Similar conditions are formed on the shelf of Namibia and in other areas (described in the monograph Mikhailov VI, Kapochkina AB, BB Kapochkin “Interaction in the lithosphere, hydrosphere,” 2010).

With the release of hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases are often associated destruction of animals and birds in areas such as the “Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, was a case of death of the expedition of schoolchildren in the Azov Sea (three boats), after which emerged fish (mud volcanism)

The death of birds

The increase in deaths fowl and water depths are in the same areas, at one and the same time, the cause must be shared. Reliable source of information about the connection of decontamination and destruction of birds we have not. But there is sufficient evidence indicating that this is possible.

The very process of the point of emission of gases from the earth’s crust, as well as its transport into the upper atmosphere is described in “Ecological aspects of the degassing of the Earth” Syvorotkina VL which states:

“… Emissions of gases from the deep sea may purchase catastrophic, and are often mistaken for the eruption of underwater volcanoes … The study showed that the hydrogen detected in the Earth’s surface from a point source, can reach the stratosphere, maintaining concentration, different from the background. … But the real highlight deep gas in nature may occur in a different way, for example, in the form of spontaneous emission of large amounts of gas in a short period of time during parts of the fault structures. With this allocation from the bowels of the dynamics of gas lift in the water column and in the atmosphere will be different – the floating of the gas bubble. This transport mechanism is many times more effective … ”

The news about the mass death of birds is often stated:

1. Birds were flying like crazy crashing into a variety of obstacles

2. Many have been found injured by strikes and internal bleeding

In each case, the composition of the gas bubble may be different, perhaps, on it, the death of the birds is not always absolutely identical in nature. For example, take the symptoms of poisoning by natural gas is the main constituent is methane (the other – or coal mine methane) gas is colorless and odorless, lighter than air.

“Pathogenesis. Methane reduces the partial pressure of oxygen in the air, forcing it, which makes the development of hypoxia and in high concentrations has a weak narcotic effect. In mine gas are present as impurities homologues of methane – ethane, propane, butane (their content reaches 25 – 30ob%), which reinforce the narcotic effect of methane gas and impart toxic properties. The main pathogenetic mechanisms in methane poisoning should be considered: hypoxia with developing hypocapnia, metabolic acidosis with intoxication, deepens the narcotic effect of methane, increasing cerebral edema, a state of stress with the breakdown of neurohumoral regulation.

The impact of saturated hydrocarbons methane series in the gas mixture containing no oxygen, leads to the development of acute hypoxia with hypocapnia. This is accompanied by a rapid loss of consciousness (5-6 breath), collapse, apnea (4-6 minutes) and subsequent cessation of cardiac activity ”

Signs of death was suffocation:

“When an internal investigation of a number of visible signs of acute death: a dark liquid blood in the heart, hemorrhages of the mucous airway”

So, we’ll have every reason to believe that in nature, the formation of a gas jet, getting in which the birds will experience symptoms of poisoning or suffocation, loss of orientation, drug intoxication and the death or as a result of the poisoning, or a fall. That best corresponds to the cases described in the press.

Not ruled out another cause of death of birds:

Boris Kapochkin: “I would guess the death of birds, as a result of the formation of a local band dropping down cold air from higher layers of the atmosphere as a result of the formation of local anomalies in the gravitational field. This was reflected in the data of hydrometeorological measurements in the area of destruction. Theoretically, the possibility of such movements has proved Dr. PV Rutkevich (IKI), but in practice we have confirmed, and even patented the technology, “Monitoring of fast changes in the gravitational field of the Earth” (described in the monograph Gladkikh II, Kapochkin BB, Kucherenko, NV , Lisovodsky VV “Formation of weather conditions in the marine and coastal areas,” 2006)..

This version is indirectly confirms the widely observed variation of the normal circulation of air flow, which manifests itself in weather anomalies, such as freezing rain, sudden changes in temperature over a short period of time, the increased intensity of rainfall, etc.

The subject matter that does not change – this version also tells us to enhance the anomalous processes in the crust. About this and will be discussed further.

Animal death and failure of soil

Not so long ago people had fallen on his head a new disaster, and immediately took pervasive – it is a failure, which showed an unprecedented revival in the mobility of the crust.

Boris Kapochkin: “With the failures there is only one problem, why had this not happened? The first dip in Guatemala, February 23, 2007 was a revelation. For the first time! By the way, he appeared almost at the time of the earthquake and almost at the center (described in the monograph (Voitenko SP, Teacher, IL, Yaroshenko VN, Kapochkin BB Geodynamics. Fundamentals of kinematic surveying, 2007. “). Now such lapses occur in a systematic and widespread. ”

If you look at statistics of failures over the last year then it must be noted that the U.S. collapses, whose number has increased dramatically in 2010 around the world, is in second place after the Philippines. And if you see the statistics on cities, the cities of the USA is almost entirely the top ten in this ranking:

Stats on Google search «sinkhole» (dips)


1. Tampa, Florida, USA

2. Makati, Philippines

3. Orlando, Florida, USA

4. Austin, Texas, USA

5. Houston, Texas, USA

6. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

7. San – Diego, California, USA

8. Richardson, Texas, USA

9. Los Angeles, California, USA

10. St. Louis, Missouri, USA

California is on the New Madrid fault possibility of the split that already play on one of the films-catastrophes. Cases of mass mortality of birds recorded there. But special attention should be paid to Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Texas – this is exactly the territory where we are now seeing the greatest number of mass destruction. It is not surprising – these places are rich in oil and gas fields, only Arkansas running hundreds of gas wells.

It is worth mentioning the accident at the oil platform in BP occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring of 2010. Implications and details of the disaster is carefully concealed, as the real cause of death of birds. There are several important points:

1. platform drilling conducted at the junction of tectonic plates;

2. the accident occurred due to the fact that the near-bottom valve, designed for multiple overload, do not stand the pressure;

3. Oil oozing not only from the well, but the cracks in the seabed, some of which are located at a distance of 11 km from the accident site.

From this we can conclude that the accident on the platform of BP occurred due to a catastrophic increase in pressure in the borehole as a result of stretching * the earth’s crust. Why hide this information, as well as the real causes of animal deaths, we assume the reader can imagine himself.

Boris Kapochkin: “There is a type of geodeformatsy in which, during the compression unit, its surface undergoes a cylindrical bending, and surface area increases – cracks open, the bark becomes permeable to products of lithospheric Oil and Gas

Degassing and seismic activity

Quote of the western media about the increase in earthquakes in Arkansas and their connection with the death of animals (though the authors of articles in all blame gas companies):

“… The number of earthquakes that rocked Guy, Ark., has increased from about 179 earthquakes per year to more than 600 in 2010, according to the AGS. About 500 of them occurred in the past four months. Over the same period in 2009 recorded only 38 aftershocks. Theoretically possible that there is a correlation between earthquakes and a New Year surge in the rain from the dead birds and the mass deaths of fish in the Arkansas River … ”

We return once again to work Syvorotkina VL:

“Seismicity and degassing. Important results were obtained during the Dagestan earthquake 14 May 1970. It was found that when earthquakes gas-hydrodynamic excitation covers an area of tens or few hundred thousand square kilometers, and the contents of main interest to us gas – hydrogen can grow at the same time by 5-6 orders of magnitude.

As a result of long-term monitoring revealed two types of behavior of helium in connection with seismic events. The first (ground in the Pamirs), characterized by a sharp decline in the concentration of helium after a seismic event. The second one (RA) differs reverse pattern, ie, sharp positive jump at this concentration. Both types, however, characterized by a marked increase in the concentration of helium to the seismic event, with the first type, this growth is more significant and occurs on average 12 days, while the second type of growth as strong, but noted a few months before the earthquake. ”

Degassing and climate change

Looking at the map, you can not disagree with the fact that virtually all cases of mysterious deaths of animals are in areas where there has been a serious weather events. Judge: U.S., Japan, England, Europe (all-time snowfall), Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines (rains and floods).

Let’s turn to paper “Ecological aspects of the degassing of the Earth”, which are generally reduced to the fact that the human factor can not cause so much global climate change, but on this earth itself is capable of:

“Chapter 14. Natural disasters over the zones of degassing related to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Ozone Layer and the anomalous weather. Always after the fall of pressure over the center of degassing to it will move air masses with high blood pressure – anticyclones.

If the anticyclone is initially located to the south of the degassing and then another rush of anomalously warm air mass and very warm, dry weather. If the anticyclone initially worth north of the degassing here will shift abnormally cold for this latitude and season, air masses, of course, if it happens in the Northern Hemisphere.

Possible and a case where a low pressure area will flock anticyclones and from the north and south. This will lead to a clash of air masses with very different temperatures and, consequently, to the sudden emergence of hurricane-type wind gusts that hit Moscow in summer 1998

The sudden movement of air masses can not be described and predicted by modern meteorological models … ”

So much for the causes of global warming / climate change, which we are treated to the media. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Those interested in this problem, we recommend you explore this work completely – there you will find a considerable number of interesting facts.

Unusual radar readings

During the destruction of birds in Arkansas weather radar recorded something very similar to the ejection of gas nearby, although meteosluzhaschy argues that this may be a flock of birds.

Why gas emissions are not visible on radar on a regular basis, if they occur everywhere. The fact that the record reflected radar, and gas was not formed and tends to remain invisible to radar. In order to be visible to radar, it should be a gas or with the appropriate temperature causing condensation, or water content, or the reaction of hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen, in this case, a system evacuation and condensation of water vapor. Evacuation itself, theoretically, can cause a rapid one-stage death of a flock of birds with similar symptoms.

What happens when you hit the body in a vacuum: “In contrast, as shown in many science fiction films, the body will not explode. After 15 seconds of loss of consciousness occur. If you try to hold your breath, you can potentially survive, but the risk of getting lung injury. If you do not hold your breath, disconnect faster, while your lungs can avoid injuries. The pressure in your veins to grow up until the heart cans no longer pump blood, here in this moment and in death. “

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