Eyewitness UFO. History of the twelfth

05 Jan

UFOWitnessed the emergence of the night in the sky over Moscow wonderful objects became the body of the master Sergei.
“I live on the outskirts of Moscow, near Moscow in almost five-storey panel. His wife and daughter left for 3 days to mother-in to the village. The evening of 12 December 2010 on the street was very quiet, there was no wind, the snow was easy. I was bored at the computer, searching for hot ad buy iron Moscow and listened to tune. Living room window, I go paryamo on the highway.
At 23:00, he casually looked out the window and noticed a big star: “embarrassed that the stars emit red-orange light, but when looked carefully, I noticed that this star is also located in the active straight-line motion. A few seconds later, I ran to the balcony, and then saw the whole picture in detail: the dark sky moved nine objects red-orange color. At first I could not believe my eyes, but then he heard a voice from below. The man shouted that the sky is something moves. ”

I’m not confused and ran for a camera for a long time trying to focus the night sky, frantically went through the various shooting modes, focus does not go for a long time, but then your settings have been found and I tried to make some shots and took off a little video. UFO remotely located approximately 10 miles from me in the form of light spots of bright orange color. Ahead of the night sky scoured the four sites, followed by the rush – and two behind the all – the remaining three and the speed seemed a little more rest. Initially, all were flying parallel to the highway, then changed direction and began to be removed in the direction of the field. Speed was their small and they are not published is absolutely no noise. After about five minutes, completely disappeared from sight. ”
I watched this phenomenon for the first time. Before I saw them saw a great multitude: night flying jet aircraft, ball lightning, but first saw a UFO. I am fascinated by aviation childhood, the version with the aircraft was immediately rejected by me, because planes can hear the engine noise, not only will they not shine so bright flash sidelights only. Atmospheric phenomenon, too, I was excluded. If I
There was only one object, it would have been questionable, but there were nine, flew smoothly, then all at once changed the direction. Explanation I have found only one thing – they were vagrants guests of the universe…

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