Discovered the positive properties of nitrate

21 Jan

The scientist, Gary Miller of Wake Forest University argues that the nitrates have positive health properties: they reduce pressure, ensure a healthy digestion and a positive effect on blood viscosity.
To date, science proved that the nitrates are harmful for the body, they can cause cancer, being transformed into carcinogenic nitrosamines.
According to Miller, in his article in the magazine Nitric Oxide, this substance improves the oxygen supply to the brain. Thus, he found the tests, nitrate-rich vegetables may be effective natural medicines to prevent violations in the circulatory system and the fight against dementia.

In this case, the author notes, nitrates get into the plants not only with fertilizers. The plant takes the nitrogen from the soil and accumulates it primarily in the leaves, turning them into nitrates. If the plant gets plenty of sunlight, nitrates, in turn, are transformed into proteins. Thus, due to lack of light winter vegetables such as beetroot, spinach, arugula and kale, naturally contain a lot of nitrate.
It is unclear, Miller admits, there are nitrogen compounds from fertilizers is similar to the natural.
As we have previously reported that a British independent advisory board for new sources of food and its production has concluded that meat and milk from cloned animals and their offspring are safe for human consumption.

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