Apocalypse was appointed on Sunday

29 Jan

Astronomers continue to monitor the asteroid Apophis, which may be encountered in the Earth in 2036. Heavenly body reaches out to the planet April 13, 2029, said professor of celestial mechanics, St. Petersburg State University, Leonid Sokolov, speaking at the Royal Academic Conference on Astronautics. It is estimated that in this day Apophis will pass at a distance of 37-38 thousand kilometers from Earth.
But even after 7 years, 13 April 2036, Apophis will approach the Earth at a dangerous distance, which may bump into it. True, comforted Professor Sokolov, the probability of this is negligible.
However, even if in 2036 an asteroid passes Earth, the probability of collision remain. “Our goal – to find possible collisions of Apophis with the Earth after 2036. If we, God forbid, will have to fend off the threat, we need to know about it beforehand “, – said Leonid Sokolov.
He recalled the calculations of NASA, according to which in the XXI century. perhaps 11 collisions of celestial bodies with the Earth. In this case, four of which must happen within the next 40 years.
Apophis, discovered in 2004, is one of the most dangerous for the Earth asteroids. The diameter of a celestial body that bears the name of the Greek god of darkness and chaos, is 270 meters.
Clarify whether Apophis threatens the Earth, will have a research unit, developed by British engineering company Astrium. It is planned that the robot, called Apex, reaches out to the asteroid in 2014 and studied in detail its size, shape, composition and temperature. Scientists hope that through this can accurately calculate what will happen to people in 2036 – the end of the world or just a beautiful sight is not the sky.

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