Apocalypse was appointed on Sunday

Astronomers continue to monitor the asteroid Apophis, which may be encountered in the Earth in 2036. Heavenly body reaches out to the planet April 13, 2029, said professor of celestial mechanics, St. Petersburg State University, Leonid Sokolov, speaking at the Royal Academic Conference on Astronautics. It is estimated that in this day Apophis will pass at a distance of 37-38 thousand kilometers from Earth.
But even after 7 years, 13 April 2036, Apophis will approach the Earth at a dangerous distance, which may bump into it. True, comforted Professor Sokolov, the probability of this is negligible. Continue reading “Apocalypse was appointed on Sunday”

Sensitive data WikiLeaks gets from P2P networks

Not all confidential documents published by WikiLeaks last few years have been received from anonymous informants, said the firm Tiversa. There is evidence that at least some of the documents were obtained by searching the WikiLeaks peer networks produced by them.
Tiversa statements were immediately rejected by Mark Stevens, a lawyer WikiLeaks, who told Bloomberg News, that they are “absolutely false in every respect.”
Tiversa, whose clients are the FBI, helps organizations monitor P2P networks for the search data leak. Continue reading “Sensitive data WikiLeaks gets from P2P networks”

Things to do in Ban Pong, Thailand

ThailandA lot of love enjoyed tours to Thailand. Every year more and more fellow travels there to relax. It is not surprising, because Thailand – a “diagnosis”. Today, tours to Asia are the real hit of the season. Where is the cleanest sea? In Thailand. Where the most beautiful scenery? In Thailand. Which always welcomes guests? In Thailand. And in some place in Thailand you will not rest – in Phuket or Pattaya, Ban Pong, wherever you meet funny and hospitable people, and an unforgettable holiday.
Having gone on holiday to Thailand, you will receive an unforgettable experience. In the travel agent can book a room, you can choose a tour with the Russian-speaking guide, and book flights. And if you do not want the noise, bustle, want more to be alone with nature, you can quietly go to rest in any town, such as Ban Pong, where about 57,000 residents. The city is surrounded by green parks, anywhere just a sea of flowers. In the city and in the immediate surrounding five good hotels with artificial ponds and beaches. And what’s the air! And if you wish, if you take the train or bus, you can always go to Pattaya.
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Visa to the UK has become a lesson to me.

I want to tell you a little story. and I hope that someone is handy. If you are ever in my life had to deal with visa, then you already know what it is. All at one time is the first time. However, nothing was given to me so hard the first time as a visa to Britain.
It was a very long time. A friend of mine, and still living in England, invited me to her at the time of my vacation. I agreed without hesitation. It would seem that everything should be simple: buy tickets, go, stay, come. In practice, everything turned out quite differently. It turns out I was not ready for all the difficulties that awaited me. It is now, I say this with a smile, but when I then, many years ago, have listed all that I need to be done to ensure that a visa to the UK has finally found me, I thought it was a joke. Then I went through as I now call “legal hell”. Having been in the end this damn visa, I went to the other and no longer was glad to leave.
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In searching for the causes of mass death of birds and animals

massIn the news began to appear frequently reported an unexplained mass deaths of birds and marine life (aquatic). On the Internet, even appeared Cards compiled by enthusiasts.
As a possible cause of death of birds in the press often predlagayutsya such as:
1. “Fireworks”. It is unlikely by itself and in the past have never led to mass death.
2. “Hit with a blunt object.” From the same series, where have you seen the bird several hundreds rushed to the car and even simultaneously in different countries? Obviously, the injuries received after falling and hitting the ground with perhaps unconscious, or at the time of death throes, there is also evidence that the birds before the death of rushing randomly hit the trees and houses.
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Discovered the positive properties of nitrate

The scientist, Gary Miller of Wake Forest University argues that the nitrates have positive health properties: they reduce pressure, ensure a healthy digestion and a positive effect on blood viscosity.
To date, science proved that the nitrates are harmful for the body, they can cause cancer, being transformed into carcinogenic nitrosamines.
According to Miller, in his article in the magazine Nitric Oxide, this substance improves the oxygen supply to the brain. Thus, he found the tests, nitrate-rich vegetables may be effective natural medicines to prevent violations in the circulatory system and the fight against dementia.
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Lenin was shot for rape

90 years ago in Moscow at the factory Michelson was an attempt on Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who tried to shoot eserka Fanny Kaplan.
Until recently considered several versions of a failed assassination. Now the General Prosecutor’s Office officially closed the case, insisting on a single version. In the process of investigation were opened in impressive detail of family life suicide.
A statement written by Fanny Kaplan, discovered in the archives of the KGB, which was kept there until 1934, was made public. In the statement, Kaplan said of the reasons her to shoot the leader of the October Revolution.
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Signs of the Zodiac moved for a month

People are deluded about their zodiac sign, says astronomer from Minnesota Kunkle Park. For example, if you believe that your sign – Pisces, it might actually turn out to be ordinary Aries.
Scientists explain this error so that the axis of the planet shifted over the millennia, gradually adjusting the ecliptic passing through the 12 zodiacal constellations.
According to the scientist, the lunar gravity, causing axial “oscillation” of the Earth, has caused the displacement of the ecliptic for about a month, the statement said the scientist, uploaded on his blog. Thus, modern astrological data in fact may be relevant only to the ancient Babylonians. Continue reading “Signs of the Zodiac moved for a month”

Flying Girl in The Forest

GirlThe attention of Internet users. It shows, neither more nor less – flying girl.
Video entitled “Flying Girl in the Russian forest”, was presented on Youtube, the user Jevgenij2000, March 2, 2009, and to date has attracted over 137,000 spectators. Most of the hits was after the January 4, 2011.
“I filmed during a walk with my dog. I can not explain what happened there, “- wrote the author of Eugene. Continue reading “Flying Girl in The Forest”

Several thousands of dead crabs dumped on the coast of England

dumpedA pile of dead crabs, which resulted in waves to the shores of England, stretched along a rocky shore Thanet (Thanet Coast) over the past few days, a phenomenon which puzzled the scientists say for some years now.
“This is, perhaps, remains a mysterious phenomenon of the third year in a row – said Tony Child (Tony Child), Project Manager, Thanet Coast, in its communication to Live Science. According to experts about 25000 velvet crabs plavuntsov (Necora puber), invaded the coast this year, where a fierce invasion of birds feeding on carcasses of dead animals.
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