Wikileaks can tell the truth about UFOs

21 Dec

UFOSThe website Wikileaks Julian Assange, answering questions from readers of British newspaper The Guardian said that following the publication of secret documents the U.S. State Department contain information about UFOs.
“It should be noted that pending the publication of secret documents Wikileaks, does have information about UFOs,” – says Assange. As written by Herald founder WikiLeaks also added that “many kooks” more than once sent him a letter with information about UFOs, but he did not publish them because they did not meet its two main requirements – they must be original and have a link to a reliable source.
Meanwhile, the site of The Guardian could not resist the influx of wanting to chat with Julian Assange. T
he founder of Wikileaks should answer the comments on posts readers. But almost immediately able to leave comments under the announcement of the conference has disappeared, and representatives of the publication urged the public to have patience because the site is unable to cope with the number of visitors, according to RIA Novosti. The Guardian has already apologized and promised to soon publish comments Assange, who managed to get it. While still in the announcement of the newspaper notes that Assange may have difficulty with access to the Internet. Where is he Assange, just can not say. Stockholm court in November approved a prosecution request to detain 39-year old Australian, who is accused in Sweden in the rape and sexual harassment, and on November 20 the Swedish prosecutor’s office sent an Interpol request to declare it an international arrest warrant. According to media reports, is currently Assange is in England. British police on Wednesday refused to detain him because the Swedish arrest warrant has been issued incorrectly. According to The Guardian, a request for a new order sent the Swedish Police Department to Combat Organized Crime – British equivalent of the American FBI. And today, law enforcement agencies of Sweden issued a second amended order. Error in the design of the first arrest warrants for Assange was that the document was given the maximum term provided for the most serious crime, which is suspected Assange. In this case, the warrant did not specify the time, threatening him on other counts.

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