UFO Eyewitness – The history of the sixth

24 Dec

UFOAt 6 pm, this summer, only 500 meters from our homestead over to nearby panel suddenly at about 20 meters appeared dark ring. Witnesses who can attest to this, of course, was enough. People and children from different entrances ran an unprecedented look at the miracle that appears. Assembled cars, motorcycles, enduro , even on bikes rushed children from neighboring houses. All stood, looking up into the sky and watched spellbound.
The ring was absolutely clear as a bagel with a hole – it hung over the birch, and then, rising higher and slowly drifted across the entire estate to the bridge on the River.
On the central avenue that leads to the bridge, and, accordingly, on its own bridge over the river, all the cars were – nobody would like to skip this show. Virtually flying over the river, clearly above the car stopped, the ring turned to the left along the river, and descended on the island.

After going it was hard to deny something, but still, there were people who apparently called clusters, for some reason, the migrating mosquitoes.
Sensation who possess me at the moment, I remember forever. Everyone rushed to look at the UFO, including my children.
They were still small, but not so much that I do not allow them to take a closer look at this spectacle. But I was like paralyzed, – I have them more than 2 meters I have not let go of by themselves. I do not know why – because a UFO I had never seen before and did not communicate with the aliens.
From that moment I began to see UFOs. With all that I said I one amazing feature: I have always something compelled to raise its head at a time when somewhere near to a halt or moving concrete UFO object. Always regretted that at that moment I did not take a camera – images alone would be a great set!

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