The Poltergeist – Mosaic mysticism.

The most popular in the twentieth century was poltergeist in Borley Rectory, which began to occur exactly six months after the fact, as July 9, 1928 died on the home owner, the Reverend Bull.
At that time, buy land for construction was not the fact of affordable and so people simply bought or rented houses.
The house was put up for sale, and after a while there were settled family priest, Reverend Smith. Less than a day when there began to be heard the sounds of unknown origin: as if the bells, spontaneously ignited light throughout the house in the night and the ghosts appear, somehow different animals.
Smith had written a letter to the Editor of the Daily Mirror, “which outlines a request to call in his house of representatives of society parapsychic research.
June 12, 1928 newspaper in Borley was sent a reporter and as a result, there was a report that interest in the then unknown paranormal investigator Harry Price, to which soon after he is held research, came worldwide fame.

While he was in this house, there are flying vases and flower pots, and all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere a strange inscription on the large mirrors in the living room.
In my opinion, more interesting Rozenhaymsky poltergeist, which happened in the Bavarian town of Rosenheim, in the office of lawyer Sigmund Adam. This phenomenon has become history because for the first time it was captured on film.
Poltergeist phenomena here began in 1968: suddenly turned on and off the light, active phone rang (and on the other end of the silent), opened and closed the door, all the liquid spilled, as if someone invisible glass punt.
Reporter for the magazine Deutsche Post were obtained evidence of the fact that the rooms were actually hear phone calls (about 700 – for four weeks), although in real life, in tests in the office no one called. In October 1968, suddenly exploded at the same time all the lights in the house.
To study the profit Hans Bender and a few physicists who have been established: the amazing things occur only when nearby there is a 20-year-old Maria Shnayderovich secretary, who took a job with the onset of what is happening. As it turned out later, she suffered severe psychological stress and suffered from chronic neurosis.
Hans was lucky to shoot the film the fact that as soon as the secretary comes to office, the room is starting to blink. As soon as Maria was sent on leave, the office established a complete lull. Soon she was fired, and poltergeist phenomena completely stopped.

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