The most technologically and environmentally-friendly towns in the world

28 Dec

Abroad for there were whole villages and towns that are using new technologies save a year already several million.
The biggest energy-efficient country in Europe – Stenlese South. It appeared on the initiative of local authorities. In 2004 the municipality of the district Stenlese put up for sale a large plot of land. Buy one of his sites for construction of houses on it was only possible provided that the future owner to surpass their frugality, and so is very modest in electricity consumption citizens. On top of that the construction was prohibited from using the wrong terms of environmental protection materials. Then there is this juicy detail: flush the toilet it was necessary to use only rainwater.

Many of our fellow citizens are surprised that conscious Danes who wish to settle in this super saving the village, found a lot. To date, there has already built 750 homes. And despite the fact that the construction of energy-efficient homes, as acknowledged by the residents themselves, 20% more expensive than usual, and his term of payback of at least 30 years. That is a real benefit from economies will feel only the children, and maybe even the grandchildren of people living now in Stenlese South. But in terms of conservation ecology (and the inhabitants of the Nordic countries is really very concerned about this issue) use of energy efficient village obvious now. According to official reports, over 5 years, she has saved 20 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.
Incidentally, the municipality in every way assisted in the construction of “green” homes. The site of settlement for property developers to post information about the most successful projects, information about where to buy windows save heat, how to verify through some cracks in the heat may have already built a house, etc.
In another Danish ekoderevni – Dyussekille – their energosekrety. Wall of the house, which overlooks the sunny side, make the style greenhouses (with huge windows). This reduces the heating season for a month in spring and autumn. Some homes warm energy of the earth. Today it is the most fashionable and best method of heating in Denmark. Heat energy comes through the pipes (they are filled with water and a special coolant – antifreeze) with a depth of about 1 meter. However, its temperature is low enough, so you need even a small amount of electricity (but much less than heating the whole house) for its preheating to 30-40 degrees.

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