Sporting achievements – just the chemical reaction of the body?

bodyThe Scientists first managed to fix the precise chemical changes that occur the human body as a result of physical exertion, and to show the difference in these reactions were less physically and more people involved. Scientists hope that these studies will help doctors to explain and learn how to use the mechanism of favorable effect of exercise on health.
All people without exception know that any physical activity favorably affects the appearance and health of the human body, but the mechanism of this beneficial effect is still very poorly understood by scientists from different countries.
Using the technique of new generation – the mass-spectroscopic analysis of Prof. Herzen and his team held a one-time monitoring of changes in the density of more than 210 biological molecules, which are contained in the circulatory system of a person before, during, and after fifteen minutes of intense exercise.
These biological molecules called metabolites and their formation occurs as a result of the completion of flow in the body of complex chemical processes, namely, – processing of energy, fat burning and the like. The human body are all different in their unique. It’s not mobile phones and cars are not brand specific. This is not a washing machine in Odessa , which, as we know, too, there are certain reactions, depending on the typed program. This – not a mechanical robot and even an artificially created an android. It is a miracle of nature – a unique human organism.
Scientists who conducted the study failed to prove that the chemical changes in the body of people who have different physical training takes place in varying degrees.
For example, the concentration of glycerol in the control samples of blood, which is known to reflect the level of the process burning of stored body fat in people with excellent physical shape, while physical activity increased by almost 100 percent, while the volunteers to inadequate physical form during the experiment, these changes were less than 50 percent.
Scientists have shown that changes of chemical processes occur in the body with great speed tend to maintain for a long time after the workout ends. And these processes are able to start a chemical transformation in the human body. And they are responsible for the benefits of exercise for the heart and blood vessels, affect the increase in life expectancy of human life and the ability to reproduce.
The scientists also showed that the subjects who participated marathon, this growth was particularly strong and has made more than 1,120% compared to the normal level of this substance in the studied blood samples.
The result can be applied to improve diagnostic techniques for monitoring and improving a person’s ability to cope with physical activity, and for therapeutic purposes – to develop a method to reduce the effects of cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus to improve the quality of human life through changes in the content of metabolites in blood system of people.
Determining the level of metabolites, which differ considerably in the course of training and need to replenish as the schedule of sports exercises, can also affect the appearance of the new generation of food and beverages for professional athletes to help them perform better on different kinds of competitions.

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