Naked Bigfoot was caught in a camera lens

Last Month Nov. 30 this year in the reserve in the U.S. state of Louisiana (Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana). At least so says its anonymous author – a hunter of deer, place the camera for observing wildlife.
Now, in many wild places surveillance cameras are installed – they puts cryptozoology, are looking for “Bigfoot”. Or Bigfoot, also known as a creature. Maybe it has finally caught?
Cryptozoology doubt. Yeti – ragged, and in the frame for some bare-creation. Yeti powerful, and there simply scallywag with glowing like a cat’s eyes.
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Successfully tested a -Lifetime flu vaccine

vaccineThe British company has developed and successfully tested a universal influenza vaccine that could provide a person lifelong immunity against various viruses that causes the infection. The results of the Phase I clinical trials of the drug were presented at the World Congress on Influenza in Amsterdam.
The developer of the vaccine, called FLU-v is the company SEEK, which specializes in research on innovative medicines. The trial vaccine was attended by 48 volunteers. According to a report presented at a conference in Amsterdam, the first phase of clinical trials demonstrated the safety of the drug and its ability to cause a sustained immune response. Continue reading “Successfully tested a -Lifetime flu vaccine”

Huge collider found in space

UFOThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle accelerator, there was a space competitor of natural origin. Protons trapped gravity of two massive stars, dispersed in the natural accelerator to energies that are comparable and sometimes exceed, the proton energy, is dispersed LHC.
Two stars, one of the most massive stars known to man, form a star system Eta Carinae (Eta Carinae), located at a distance of 7500 light years from Earth. These massive stars eject into space a lot of energy and matter, for the week Eta Carinae throws a matter of mass equivalent to the mass of Earth.
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Eyewitness UFO. History of the Second

The sky is almost covered with clouds, are seen single, strong twinkling stars. Wind north-west, wet, temperatures around zero Celsius.
In the sky were visible columns of light, dull, white, hardly noticeable. At first I thought it was the Northern Lights begins, but then hesitated, and perhaps indeed to our latitude only a little fed up? … Or maybe it’s something in Borispol airport khimichit “, highlighting the runway set up? I do not know, but the bottom edge of the light pole was somewhere at least 35-40 degrees above horizon.
Light poles were three beams, four in each. Shorter poles in each beam were shifted toward the northwest. All very reminiscent of northern lights, but the light poles are not “flowed” colors, and “standing”, gradually diminishing in intensity, becoming less visible
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NASA – among people living aliens

alienThe U.S. space agency NASA has recognized the existence on Earth “alien” life forms, which are usually attributed to an extraterrestrial origin. At a press conference on Thursday evening, it announced the recent “astrobiological discovery” that could serve as proof of this theory.
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In the LHC there UFOs

UFOThe LHC will be closed for winter vacation. But physicists will – to solve the puzzle. Will try to understand where the missing protons in the experiments. It is suspected that the blame for this UFO.
December 6 in a giant underground ring of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) instead of protons pushed the heavy lead ions. And producing a substance that appeared immediately after the Big Bang. And as a result of it. For it is with this puzzling event allegedly began creation of the world. And at first it – the world – there were no atoms or molecules, especially as there was only so-called quark-gluon plasma. Her something and give rise to the broken pieces after a head-on collisions of lead ions. Of the products, scientists simulate the first moments of the universe, arranging a large explosion in a nutshell. And try to understand what happened. And some are already doing a sensational conclusions.
For example, the University of Birmingham researchers led by Dr. David Evans thought: just appeared, the universe does not behave as a gas. As previously assumed. Rather, the Universe was a liquid. And the expression “quark-gluon soup”, which was used in jest to the primary matter, it may be not just a figure. Continue reading “In the LHC there UFOs”

A person will be an artificial body in 30 years

artificialHow realistic is a completely artificial human body to the middle of the XXI century? In the nearest time, 30 leading scientists will attempt to answer this question. It is not excluded that it will soon set up an international research center of artificial human body, which can range in Russia.
October 20, 2010 at the conference “Future talks”, held in Vienna, the famous inventor, Tran humanists (see reference at end of text) and futurist Raymond Kurzweil said that the 2040-ies of the human body will be composed of artificial organs, the properties of superior biological.
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In 2012, together wake up all the volcanoes?

VolcanoesMankind seems to have no rest until he has passed the notorious date on which the Mayans supposedly appointed to an end.
Numerous educators have tired to explain: Maya prophesied the end of the world in your calendar. Both the calendar does not terminate on Dec. 21, 2012, as some think. This day will end only next great cycle period of 5126 years. Or Fifth Sun, in the terminology and beliefs of the ancient Indians. And begin Sixth Sun.
No, I do not trust people. And waiting at the appointed time of a cataclysm that will destroy life on Earth. But scientists may be unwittingly and regularly provoke fears.
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Sugar will soon be an energy El Dorado

energy The Universities Algeria and Japan plans to turn the world’s largest desert in the world’s largest solar power plant, which by 2050 will be able to provide electricity at low cost literally half the planet. Such grandiose plans, researchers are building the project Sahara Solar Breeder Project.
Draft Sahara Solar Breeder Project comes from the fact that by 2050 there will be such silicon-based solar panels, efficiency, which at times exceeds the current panel. The basis of these panels will remain the same silicon, which is planned to produce the sand in the same Sahara. Scientists say that after 40 years in the Sahara more than will actually build solar power stations, which reach out to tens of kilometers and will consist of hundreds of thousands of individual solar panels.
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Land may become similar to Pandora

Pandora, where Aborigines live blue with tails, shining almost all plants. Fantasy of the film “Avatar”? Decoration of his night scenes? And in fact this can not be?
– Maybe, “replied the geneticist Theo Sanderson (Geneticist Theo Sanderson) University of Cambridge (Cambridge University). – And the earth plants are able to glow in the dark, unless, of course, to help them.
British scientists have helped in this respect until the bacteria – E. coli, transplant them to the genes of fireflies. But the colonies of these organisms collected, for example, in a flask, lit already so bright that allow you to read.
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