New Zealand has declassified information about UFOs

Military of New Zealand issued a top-secret documents containing information about UFOs.
New Zealand released the documents collected between 1954 and 2009. The documents contain drawings of UFOs and humanoids who was allegedly seen in New Zealand, samples of letters to the aliens, the testimony of military personnel, civilian pilots, the authorities and local residents. Entire archive of about two thousand pages.
The dossier was made public in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act after they were removed from the names of the officials. Original documents will continue to be kept sealed in the National Archives of New Zealand.

Most New Zealanders are interested in the phenomenon of light over the town of Kaikoura in 1978, it said the cargo plane pilot who carried out post flight. On land there was a series of major fires in the form of a correct ellipse. The operator was able to remove them on film. The aircraft crew reported terrestrial services of an unidentified object and headed straight for him. The lights disappeared and reappeared.
In the official report of the time it was concluded that this was some kind of natural phenomenon, but the defense ministry has suggested that the sky could be seen reflected lights of the ships or the glare of the planet Venus. Messages about the lights over Kaikoura interested in even the New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon.

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