Neanderthals ate vegetables with meat

29 Dec

American scientists have discovered that Neanderthals were not only meat eater: they are cooked and ate the plants and vegetables.
According to information published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, in the teeth of Neanderthals have been found traces of vegetables and plants, prepared for human consumption.
Popular understanding of Neanderthals as a great meat eater was reinforced, in particular, by chemical analysis of their bones.
Moreover, the dependence of the Neanderthals from the meat is considered one of the reasons that led to their disappearance, since the offensive of the Ice Age led to the extinction of mammoths and other large animal species.

On the nature of protein
But a new study by American scientists who studied the remains of Neanderthals, found in different parts of the world, contrary to data obtained by chemical analysis of their bones.
“We have already found a pollen grain in the parking places Neanderthals, but it was unclear whether they had used the plant for food”, – told the BBC a professor at George Washington University Alison Brooks.
“But now we have found the remains of plants directly in the mouth of Neanderthals, which radically changes our ideas about their diet,” – adds Professor Brooks.
Discrepancies with the conclusions obtained by chemical analysis, Alison Brooks explains that the findings of addiction to meat Neanderthals were made on the basis of the level of protein content in their bones.
“The implication was that the high protein content is solely the result of eating meat. But plants can also increase the protein content in the body, “- says Professor George Washington University.

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